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How guilty do you feel?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rcheli32, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. I filter a lot, and have "touched" somebody's mirror on a few occasions. In a year it might have happed 3 or 4 times. If this happens to you, how guilty do you feel? What do you do? On the one hand I feel like filtering is only acceptable if you don't bother anyone else while doing it, and that means never making the car drivers feel they risk damage to their car. On the other hand I think light contact is no different to what happens in car parks every day, and no damage should mean no drama.

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  2. How would you react if a car clipped your mirror/ barend if you were stationary and a car was creeping forward, then just drove off.

    As you mentioned carparks, usually one vehicle has no one in it.

    Myself, l would apoligise, if no damage shouldn't be a problem.
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    As it is now legal to lane split, we will be seeing the shattered mirrors of innocent, law abiding car drivers all over our roads from overzealous lane splitters. I look forward to the repeal of this poorly considered law which does nothing but pander to the lowest members of society, biker scum.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Harold “I'm so full of holes, I'd make Swiss cheese blush” Scruby
  4. I've hit someone's mirror once and that really knocked my confidence. Now I'm really hesitant to filter unless the gap is ridiculously wide, which it hardly ever is in Sydney. If there's any doubt I just won't filter. But hearing how common it is here I'm feeling a bit better about myself :]
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  5. So what about when the only reason you hit their mirror us they have moved over to block you?

    Does that change things?

    Cheers Jeremy
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  6. How about when you've been clipped via a deliberate cager action to box you out.

    As Jem mentioned. Happens ALL the time.

    I used to get mad. Now I just shrug it off. Poor cager probably has nothing else to brighten his day.

    FWIW. Mirrors are harmless. Bumpers, doors, windscreens, A,B and C pillars, these are thing you need to care about.
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  7. Even though in NSW it is legal to split, it isn't a right. If a car moves to block your forward progress, bad luck, they have no obligation to leave enough room for you. Going to be some interesting matters on courts when a few riders get knocked off as cars takes off, often cutting across the next lane to turn, or merge. Interesting to see where liability lies.

    The new law also doesn't give riders impunity against colliding with a mirror. The law sees the same thing be it you hit a mirror or rear bumper if you run up a cars ass.

    If a rider clipped my mirror tried to ride off, I'd rip up my handbrake, jump out and rip the rider off their bike.

    If you hit anyone else's property you also have a legal obligation to stop and provide details regardless of evident damage or not.
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  8. I don't clip mirrors.

    If I thought there was a chance I could clip a mirror I would either not filter or duck paddle it to make sure I did not clip a mirror.
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  9. You'd have to stop, surely. It's just common courtesy if nothing else. Dunno about going so far to exchange details but at least make sure there's no damage. If there is a scratch then you pay for it - simple as that. Might have already been there & it might not have. Too bad. It's your word against theirs & you WERE the one that tagged the mirror!

    How would you feel if someone whacked your bike mirror dawdling past? We've all got to share the road so we're all pissed off & in a hurry. Can't we all just get along??
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  10. I don't believe there is any law to stop them blocking you, but there definitely is to stop them hitting you, (or you hitting them).
    TBH this scenario is one of the main arguments being used to oppose filtering. If we want the right to filter we need to avoid contact at all costs.
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  11. I've felt pretty bad when it has happened, just wanted to get other people's perspectives.

    To make it a bit more interesting, what if it is your clothes that contact the mirror, not your bike (registered vehicle)? What if a cyclist/skateboarder/pedestrian does it rather than a motorcycle?
  12. It's only happened to me once. I stopped and checked - no damage, waved to driver and continued. If there was damage, I'd stop. It happened to me in the car once too - bike didn't stop or check and it pissed me off. No damage that time either.
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  13. Only happened to me 2 or 3 times. I just stop and give them a wave to make sure they're ok by it. One time the chick didn't look impressed so I went back and had a quick chat, apologised and checked her mirror for damage.
  14. I am yet to touch another vehicle (accidentally) while filtering.
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  15. I haven't clipped anyone yet when i've filtered/lane split, and thus far no one has clipped me on purpose... but if there was no significant damage i would just show i'm sorry with a wave and acknowledge my mistake, and keep going..

    idno really else what i would do?
  16. Completely agree with your viewpoint from a legal standpoint, however my experience as a noob rider has taught me to keep on moving under these circumstances.

    I'd had my license <6 mths when I clipped the mirror of a new-ish corolla when I was pulling up to a set of lights, did the right thing and pulled up on the other side of the intersection and handed over my license only for the driver to demand $200 cash on the spot where there wasn't even a scratch on the mirror. I recommended they put it through insurance if there was a real issue, before leaving, never heard anything further.

    I'm from VIC btw, still don't think filtering is 100% legal here yet, it's a bit of a grey area.
  17. I had this very think happen to me on Friday. I took off as quickly as I could unfortunately the cars in front were somewhat slow of the mark and some moronic zombie behind me decided I was fair game - fortunately I had an escape route and nothing came of it, other than the moronic zombie suffered some angst over it.

    Had she hit, as was clearly her intention, it would have been a very different story.
  18. Am I reading you correctly? Are you saying that you were stationary at the lights. Lights turned green, cars started moving - as did you, and you believe the woman behind you deliberately accelerated to try and hit you?
  19. If you clip a mirror, offer to fix any damage, apologize, and punch yourself
    in the face because you have been an arse hole... unless the driver cut you off, pulled out in front of you etc and you have "clipped" or perhaps kicked their mirror off as an act of vengeance.

    Having said that, I'm not recommending the practice of willful damage at all.
  20. Well, just for a change, a mirror clipped me today. I shot up the lane beside a right turn only lane and then cut across into the intersection. I intended to go through but a red arrow had come on, so I stopped in the middle of the intersection (I know the light sequence would give a green light again). I thought I would be fine because although I stopped fairly quickly I was into the middle of the intersection on a red arrow so should be all alone at that point. But no, I think a truck had been intending on running the red arrow, so I got hit by the truck. Not my bike, just me. The mirror on the truck hit my back/shoulder and bent in. I automatically said sorry to the passenger as he was straightening the mirror again....

    First (and hopefully last) time I have been hit by a truck, and I'm thinking I'm pretty lucky to have been tougher than the mirror...