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How green are solar panels ?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vmaxer, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. Bear in mind that once a photovoltaic panel is installed, it'll supply electricity for decades -- most are warranted for ~20 years, and I would expect them to still be making a usable amount another couple of decades after that.

    Also, NF3 is used for cleaning electronics, not PV cells specifically. So the computer you used to post this thread contributed to that increase, as did the phone you no doubt have, and the toaster, and the kettle, and the stove, and the TV, and the fridge... ;)
  2. I think the most amusing part of your stupidity on here is when you expose just how little you know by linking to sources that directly contradict the point you think you're making:

    From the wiki link:
  3. Yes of course I have all those things and love them. I am not the one who wants to save the planet, nor the one who believes a TAX on CO2 will save it.

    You see throughout human history, every problem solved has created a worse one. A little bit of history repeating.
  4. :LOL:

    I take him sooo seriously that I couldn't be bothered doing more than glancing through the article 'till I found a glaring fault that undermined his argument.

    My point was that there's a hell of a lot more contributing to NF3 emissions than the production of PV panels (which are likely only a small fraction out of Finland-sized figure).

    And, Damo highlighted from the link you supplied, PV's do more than balance out in the end.
  5. Knowing that there's a lot of nasty NF3 being produced out there, ought we not to ban it completely in the name of humanity ?
  6. Depends on the alternatives. If it's the only real option and we'd be crippled without it, then we don't have much choice.
  7. Oh.
  8. :rofl::jerk:
  9. we need to tap into the power of crystals vmaxer.
    spiritual energy is green.
    they are amazing, even contain protective and healing powers.
    i don't know why you have'nt mentioned them allready
  10. lololol.

    Like that damn smallpox vaccine right?
  11. And curse those bastards who gave us clean urban water supplies.
  12. I know you're fond of graphs vmaxxer.


  13. :rofl: Goooooollllddd! Luke!!
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    Note to Vmaxer: try to read and understand stuff before you post it.
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    This is digressing from topic but,

    Examples of problem solving leading to bigger problems:

    1 - Vaccines and medicines have prevented death from horrible disease, fantastic...........except natural causes don't kill humans in huge numbers anymore...........result unsustainable World over population.

    2- Back in the day Horse and carts were used in the growing cities, horse shit was a big problem. The horse and carts got replaced with motorised transport........result terrible air pollution.

    Will solar panels prove to be another marvel or another problem ?

    "Science is always wrong, it never solves a problem without creating ten more." - George Bernard Shaw
  16. Again? Anyone would think vmaxer does not like the carbon tax.
  17. And roads / aquaducts so where is the peoples front of Judia these days?
    He's down there !

  18. Pretty sure they are black.... not green

  19. I think Vmaxer is very brave to post what he does here, in the face of a lot of "lefty" sentinment that is being posted in reply. Have all IT people and teachers accepted the PC Labor party/Green brainwashing?