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How good was that GAME!!! ya happy now? :P

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by smee, Sep 24, 2005.

  1. Not a fan of either club today but congrats to the Bloods for a fantastic nailbiter of a finish!

  2. Awesome....
  3. Yep, it was great game thats for sure! I'd have to say I was going for the bloods today :D
  4. What game? Oh that game we're going for a pissup for. Yeah good game :D
  5. i normally couldn't give a f%$k about AFL but how good was today's game (and the swans' previous 2 matches) :D
  6. I only watch sport that contains at least two wheels :p
  7. I am an AFL club member and watch alot of footy. Todays game was close, but the actual game was like watching backyard footy. I know the pressure is more intense, but the game was full of mistakes and the skill level from majority of the players was awful. The only few good players on the field were Judd, Bolton and Thompson. I am not a great fan of Sydney at all. All i can say is they should have one a flag eventually with all the money the AFL has has pumped into the club. The only congrats here goes to Paul Roos, who is true champion of the game.
  8. I thought it was like lots of final in most codes; dour and concentated on defence, with just occasional flashes of brilliance. Too many mistakes and too much smothering of play before it got a chance to blossom into something exciting like many of the round games were.
    Never mind, the old South Melbourne won, but I wonder still about how many born Sydney-siders support the Swans and how many of their supporters are died-in-the-wool AFL people anyway, often ex-pats from the traditional AFL States?
    PS The Wests - St George League Final was much more interesting
    (skulks away to make a cuppa......)
  9. Whats with all the OT: crap? General discussion is for ANYTHING that does not fit into any other forum. It is ok to talk about non bike related things. And General Discussion is the forum to do it in.
  10. I've always thought AFL was cross country ballet, and Barry Hall nearly being outed for the Grand Final for that 'love tap' just proves it. :eek: :eek:

    Don't start me on soccer. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

    Give me union or league any day - those boys get hit in tackles, come up minus 3-4 teeth and continue playing. :p
  11. Much better :LOL: :LOL:
  12. And yes, I am happy with the grand final. Im happy its finally been played so I dont have to sort thru 17 pages of crap in the paper everyday to get to something interesting. And it also means the cricket season is just around the corner!!
  13. Bum sniffers the lot of em. It ain't knicknamed Hopawaite (or however its spelt) for nothing. The AFL grand final went close to out-rating the National Rugby League grand final on TV in Sydney.
  14. More than that, it had (AFL) 60,000 less viewers that the Bum Sniffer code but the AFL was viewed on a saturday afternoon compared to the Bumsniffer code viewed prime time on Sunday night (the most watched time slot of the week).

    Cheers 8)
  15. Well done Swannies but geez you play an ugly game of footy!
  16. LOL. That cracked me up. Hoppa is a code unto himself, he will be captain of the inaugural date-prodding allstar team. I prefer 15-man bumsniffing. Myself - i was a centre so I left the bumsniffing to the big fat ugly ones.

    You would have to say though - a spectacle like the rugby world cup is something that (G) AFL will never emulate, and league will do it's best to pretend by asking Lebanon to play :D :D :p
  17. Amen to that. I was a full back/5-8th/breakaway/number 8/centre and winger :) Also played the 2nd row and ocasionally went up in a lineout. And the bumsniffing 15 a side has way more viewers than fAgFL
  18. snip
    (skulks away to make a cuppa......)[/quote]

    And so you should. :LOL:
  19. Never emulate?

    How many at your home and aways??

    How many at your finals?

    I hoped neither team would win. Inter-state-lopers both of them.

    However, still better than the mobile wrestling-bum sniffing-ball throwers that the north/eastern seaboard seems to enjoy.
  20. Super 12 matches routinely pack out Aussie Stadium, no matter who the Waratahs are playing. Tests routinely pack Telstra Stadium.

    Rugby World Cups. They are the 3rd largest sporting events (approx 3.1 billion viewers) behind the Olympics and Soccer World Cup.

    Nuff Said. :p