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How good is this!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Clemo, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. So I have had my bike for about a week and a half and have put about 250kms on it. Almost all of those kms at 55kph or less but I am soooo in love.

    Yesterday I had an RDO and spent the day going up and down Beach rd stopping at a few places along the way to get a coffee or take some photos and just generally enjoying being out in the sun and improving my confidence on the bike. The highlights would be having a nice chat to a guy about his trip through the swiss alps on his BMW and the little nods and waves I received from other riders as I gingerly traversed Sandringham Marina carpark.

    Last Friday I plucked up the courage to go down Napean Hwy at about 9.30pm. I don't think I have ever been so scared and so excited at the same time in my whole life. 80kph feels alot more hairy than I imagined, I dread to think what freeway riding will be like.

    This Saturday I am hopeing to finaly get down to the practice session although my ex wife is already nagging me to help here move house. Fingers crossed.
  2. hmmmm ex wife..... ride bike
    ex wife
    ride bike
    EX wife
    ride bike

    are you seriously having that debate??? :beer:
  3. well done for getting out and about !!!
  4. you should be nagging your ex wife to let you ride your damn motorbike!

    80kmph... give it time and you'll be complaining that 280kmph is a bit windy.
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  5. Wait til you hit some corners, it'll blow your mind :)
  6. She's an ex for a reason isn't she? Bike wins.
  7. tell your ex wife to move her own damn arse out of your house
  8. ill stfu unless your a troll that is
  9. Just tell her you will be five minutes and leave the mobile at home.
    She'll work it out eventually.
    Oh no....... your still slipping her one aren't you.... bad boy Bubby. Bad boy.
  10. LOL thank you all for getting defencive for me but the situation is not that bad anymore. We have been seporated now for almost five years but have remained friends (the things you do when you are young). And she is not moving out of my house, that was five years ago just from one to another and asked for my help to move our daughters stuff.

    Anyway this was not ment to be a flame session of past ex's just expressing my joy at this new adventure in motorbikes :)
  11. As far as I see it, you have two choices:
    (1) Get out, or
    (2) Get the HELL out!
  12. That is one of the best things about bikes I think, you meet a lot more strangers as you have something in common.
  13. Depends if your still receiving marital privileges. An assisted move is good booty currency.
  14. Ahh, don't worry about them Clemo; some of them are probably being browbeaten by their CURRENT wives LOL.

    Shades of the Swann Insurance ad... hahaha

    We're just pulling your leg.
  15. Welcome CLemo, Soon you'll be doing 250km before breakfast! Motorbikes are a great Icebreaker, enjoy the freedom.
  16. They got that one spot on didn't they :rofl:
  17. It's an exciting time for a new rider. Enjoy it to the fullest, but stay focussed.
    There's alot ways to get hurt while riding a bike.
  18. Why the **** would you help your ex do anything... theyre ex's for a reason... unless youre getting laid in which case its all good.

    Lol i must have missed something when i started riding.... freeways just werent scary at all!!!
  19. yeh i agree, i must have missed something too, i rode on a freeway my second ride ever, was awesome, i think i tipped $1.50 out of my wallet by the end of the week :S