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How good is the weather in the harbour city at the moment !!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Sep 19, 2006.

  1. I just stepped out for lunch !

    WOW ! Talk about welcome to summer !!! :dance:
    Max of 29degC in the city today apparently.

    It will be the first time i'll be summer riding.
    I started riding in March this year, so thjis will be a new experience.

    I noticed a few of the city couriers are squidding it today !!
  2. Aye aye matey, 'tis truly boating weather today, sun is shining, birds are singing, cannons are firing.

    Bring on summer!!!
  3. yeah you gotta love those first few days of perfect summer weather. We had it last week or so over here (now back to a few days of rain) and there were so many bikes out on the roads - great stuff.
  4. Yeah, it's a lovely day! Of course, true to my contrary nature, I'm not riding today... but it was nice to step out in just the T-shirt, it was the first time for me in this season.

    er, I meant just the T-shirt and pants :)
  5. Tell me about it! I just got back from a sailing school thing with Totally Wild and it was magic out there on the harbour.
  6. Sailing day! Perfect for Talk Like a Pirate day... did you tell everyone?

    ... and is that blonde chick still doing that show? :roll:
  7. Stacey is still on the show, yes.
    Actually everyone already knew about the pirate stuff, and Deb Knight was the first one to mention it when we arrived, then the crew actually announced it once we were away!
    Anyway, the dark haired chick is muuuuuuuch better....heheheeheh
  8. esp since I'm unemployed at the moment.

    So ride in the morning, nap in the afternoon.
  9. Life's hard eh mate?? :LOL:

    Get a job ya bludger!! :wink:
  10. It's years since I've seen that show then :p
  11. Sami Lukas or Ranger Stacy ??? :grin:
    . . . . yeah, yeah, they are old school !

    I've been bugging Campbell for an autographed Sandra Sully pic ! :rofl:
    He has not been able to deliver !!! :evil:

    The chic in ToastTV on Ch10 mornings is a goer i reckon ! :grin:
    Whats her name Campbell ???
  12. Nicky I think....and Micky I asked Sandra but she said she would rather meet you in person...

    You just wait till you see Deb without makeup...whoooooooo she's a fox.
  13. For you see, on Netrider, a relatively simple discussion about the weather, can quickly turn into a television blondes vs brunettes thread - complete with informed opinions from knowledgable forum members working in the industry.

    I love you guys.
  14. Brunettes.

    Though the carpet doesn't have to match the curtains.
  15. It be a fine day on the horizon, the spray of the sea be bringin a nice touch to how things are this day.
  16. alright !
    how about a Heidi Ahrens signed pic !
  17. How about a limited edition Campbell Marsh signed life sized poster? Goin fast!!! Ktulu has four!
  18. Dunno how I could have put 'em all up on the ceiling of my room without you, Scrambles.
  19. Yeah what was with that? I help you out then you say I have to leave becasue it's time for your 'Private reflection period"....