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How Good is QBE :D

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Memphis, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. Just as the title states.

    How good is this Insurance mob.

    I found my experience with them to be OUTSTANDING to FANTASTIC.

    I'm 27 (28 in december)
    Lost my licence due to lots of little speeding fines last year for 3 months.

    Going for my first L's licence on a bike and purchased a GS500F

    Anyways, contacted QBE on the net, recieved an e-mailed quote back with a premium of $370.00

    I was absolutly RAPPED!

    Anyways contacted them to check if it was a mistake, they asked for my up to date driving record, gave it to them and all is well, the premium has stayed the same.

    After EBike gave me a quote of $2000.00 per year, they can go jump!

    So a big thanks to QBE and its finally nice to see an insurance company doing the right thing for a change...

    :D So happy I had to post it up :D
  2. Tell me if you are as rapped after you need to make a claim. The cost of a premium isn't the best way to judge an insurance company.
  3. ahh, well...

    I'm not planing on modding my bike.
    if I need to make a claim, i'm not gonna be in a rush.

    But in saying that I don't want to be paying one company $2000 when I can pay another $370 and be comprehensivly covered (spelling).

    if it takes 6 months to process the claim, its still in the green for me!

    Even if it took 3 years I'd still be in front!
  4. I guess what I'm saying is... My motorcycle isn't a daily commuter, and more of a weekend fun machine, so wether it takes 1 week or 10 weeks to process a claim, I'd still prefer to save the difference and put the additional monies towards a bigger bike when I get my full licence...
  5. My comments were less about timing and more about forfeiting excess on not at fault claims, if they will payout a claim and what they perceive the value of your bike to be.
  6. Have a good read of your proposal and PDS so you know what you are getting in to. That being said, QBE have addopted Steadfast wording for their PDS (think of it as like, international accounting standards, only its for Australia and its for insurance), so their PDS will read virtually (close enough) the same to Zurich, Allianz, and CGU (all steadfast).

    So there you go :) I think you made the right choice, but like i said, have a read of your prop so you can see what they value your bike at (some insurance companys use redbook... which undervalues it), and weather its market or agreed. Also read the pds so you know what excess your paying when you make a claim, and which claims they won't pay out for (usually just deliberate acts, but read it anyway).

    Have fun on the gs500f. Hell of a bike :)
  7. No problems from mine - sorted and paid very quickly.

    Only word of caution, QBE default to "market value" - look at paying the extra for "agreed"
  8. Cool, thanks for the advise guys, I'll find out different costs for market and agreed values. then I'll take it from there.
  9. I hope you don't need to make a claim because QBE are fcuking hopeless!

    After my crash, I handed in all my damaged apparel to their office in person and filled out all the forms, and they managed to lose it.
    It took over a month to get that settled which held up the rest of my claim. I contacted them numerous times via emails and telephone and no one was able to assist me. And when they said someone would call me back, they never did.
    And when they finally settled my claim for the apparel the amount they paid me was nearly $300 less than what I was quoted on the phone. When I contacted them about this, the wanker on the phone called me a liar.

    Then there is just the general incompetence of their claims staff. You get virtually no communication from them about your claims progress, they do not give you any time frames on how long things will take, and when they calculate your excess they try to overcharge you.

    I will not be placing any insurance with QBE, and I strongly advise others to consider doing the same.
  10. As far as I know policies that use the Steadfast wordings are only available through brokers and intermediaries that are a part of the Steadfast cluster group.
  11. When you gave QBE your apparal, did you supply your origional reciepts?

    Also, the thing I look at is:
    GS500F = $5,500.00 Purchase Price

    QBE = $370 per year Comprehensive Insurance
    EBike = $2,000.00 per year Comprehensive Insurance
    NRMA = $2,200.00 per year Comprehensive Insurance
    Insuremyride = $NILL - Won't even insure me....

    Now, when my bike cost me $5,500, why would I pay $1,630.00 Per Year more for insurance above QBE? thats just insane!

    With the above, QBE have assisted me with all my questions and treated me like an actual customer (not signed on with them yet). Many people can tell lots of horror storys with insurance companys, their no here to make our lives that much easier, just to let us know that our stuff is covered in the event of an accident.
    Like I said, my bike will be used on the weekends for a little fun, its not my main mode of transport. So if a claim takes a couple of months it makes no difference to me.

    Also something to note, When I contacted QBike Insurance, the guy on the end of the phone was Rude and very Arrogant, as far as I can tell he was an out right TooL.... So QBike will never have my business.
  12. Nope, they never asked for receipts.

    If your shopping for insurance purely based on price, contact AAMI for a quote. They were very competitive on their price when I had my 250, and their claims service was excellent.
  13. Cool, I'll contact them on monday.
  14. please never use AAMI. They have _raped_ 5 of my friends (real life ones, not 'net buddies' on insurance claims. They used AAMI, needed a claim. ALL of them got denied for whatever [minor] clause / bullcrap excuse that they legally put into their contracts to void them. Possibly something like "we withhold to disallow a claim at will", it's not that but I recall my friends stating they were furious for being denied and realised they were screwed cause of the PDS or so.

    That is a few years ago, they _may_ have changed but for so many of my friends to have been screwed by the one company it means I will never think of them for my insurance. Word of mouth for me is VERY important on business practices etc.
  15. Some good tidbits here.

    The real test, Like Port80 said is how the company acts at the time of a claim. However, I challenge anyone to find an insurance company that doesn't have complaints about the claims process. Also, when hearing complaints about anybody try to put in to context the style of their claim and their manner.

    When you say Qbike, do you mean Ebike. If we're talking about PDS's, read theirs. If anybody is insured with these guys please read it. Scary shit.

    I'm surprised AAMI are competitive actually - there ya go!
  16. +1 (or actually 3) for QBE.... i recently switched both our cars to QBE and had my bike with them for 18months (before i sold it recently). For the bike in particular they offered the best price and best cover ou tof any of the others. Shannons have good cover etc but they also wanted 2-3x what QBE wanted for the privilege!!

    For the record i have taken both our cars away from AAMI based on their incredibly dodgy (and growing) record of dodgy ass repair jobs on cars because they screw the repairers as hard as they can. I personally know of three people (two currently having problems) who are going through a lot of stress and PITA getting their cars re-repaired after AAMI's dodgy brothers panel beaters have made right balls ups of the jobs. They also put the premium on my wife's car UP even though she turned 30 this year when all the other quotes went down?! WTF?
  17. I went to sign up with QBE but after they sent me out a form requesting all my driving and motorcycle details after I'd already filled out a form online, then answered all their questions again when I called them, I decided to give them a miss. Go with QBE if you like filling out your name in triplicate. What they would be like to make claim with I don't know, but I guess you may have to fill out more forms.