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how good are braided brake lines!!!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by jeffatav, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. I just want to share the fact that braided brake lines are soooooo good.

    I have tried other bikes with braided lines and was always impressed with their "firmness" but could really never compare to old rubber lines.

    Yesterday, I changed my rubber brake line to a braided brake line (front brake only) and I am astounded on how much better the brakes perform!

    I ride a mid size cruiser and the daily commuting must have "worn" the old ones. The bike took a fair bit of room and effort to pull her up, but with the new lines, it is almost effortless!

    I recommend that braided lines should be the first compulsory change made to any bike and if you are unsure about installing them, they are one of the best accessories you can add!!!

  2. Braided brake lines......

    Improve feel
    Consistent feel - when using a brakes through the twisties, the oil heats up and expands the standard rubber based lines. This results in decreased feel

    So, if you are not riding hard alot, dont worry about it.
  3. How hard/expensive are they to install?
  4. This is the first mod I do to ALL my bikes, much better feel, and more importantly it's consistent.

    They're easy to put on:

    - Drain fluid out of old lines (undo nipple on calipers)

    - Undo old lines and bolt new ones up

    - Fill with fresh fluid

    - Bleed both calipers

    I personally wouldn't bother with steel lines for the back brake, but it depends how much you use it and in what circumstances.
  5. I fitted braided lines to the 12. To be honest didnt make much difference. Not sure wether it was because the original lines werent that old. But i wouldnt say dont do it, for what they are worth its a good peace of mind i say. I will be fitting them to the 14 eventually, not that it needs them, but as i said its a peace of mind thing knowing that you arent going to grab a handfull of brake and a rubber line splits. :shock: And as said dont bother with the rear, not worth it.
  6. I would have thought that the age of the bike would be a large consideration in whether this is worthwhile or not. I mean on a newish bike you probably wouldn't notice the difference.

    My bike already had them when I got it. :)
  7. Braided lines are awsome. Much much better feel.
    As for instalation, it was a total bugger to bleed air out off the system.
    I highly recommend some.
  8. Ok I'm convinced then - I'll have a look around for this but does anyone know if they're legal in Vic? Reason I'm asking is they were/are illegal in Tassie - I could be wrong, it wouldn't be the first time.

    Question two - where is a good/available place to get the lines from - I'm south of Melbourne.

  9. Good call, I wasn't impressed with the standard brakes on my bike, fitting them made a noticable difference
  10. I don't think they are legal if the bike didn't come out with them, but as if the plod will know.

    Stay away from aluminium end fittings (can corrode), zinc is much better, stainless is best.
  11. Cheers Cammo.