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How fast is too fast in an 80k zone?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RGVroomDaddy, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. 80k

  2. 100k

  3. 120k

    0 vote(s)
  4. 140k

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  5. 160k or more

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  1. Given the debate (dare I say mass hysteria) in the thread about 200 kliks on Nepean, here is poll question for you all

  2. The question is framed incorrectly; 80kph is plainly not too fast in an 80k zone since that is the limit which is set. Equally, 80 kph in an 80 k zone would be way too fast in the rain, or the fog.

    So what's the motivation of the thread, given that?
  3. All depends how long you are up there for, on a 250 i don't think 140 is too fast if it's just a short burst up and back.
  4. It was there as the silly (in official terms "control") option so we could discard donkey votes but some lamo's might actually think it is too fast, especially elderly cagers :p

    Even if you disagree with it being there we can still get a good idea of what the general feeling about speeding is.

    EDIT : What it REALLY did need was a "Nothing is too fast" ... oh well my bad :oops:

  5. hey, a little less of the elderly, please :LOL:

    In the context of Victorian riders, any speeding if caught brings serious consequences. So 81 is too high if there happens to be a camera nearby. Whether it is DANGEROUS, which, I suspect, is what you are getting at, is another matter altogether.

    In NSW we are subjected to the voodoo 'science' of the '5 extra kph is the difference between life and death' rubbish.....
  6. Vic has "wipe of 5 and save lives" I think I have even seen "wipe off 5 or die" can anyone confirm the latter?
  7. cmon, 56 is young mate :grin:
  8. eeek, voodoo 'science' can cross borders
  9. Hmmm, if the poll was about legality then there wouldn't be many sensible options to pick :wink:
  10. Yeah, just playing up to my reputation as a grumpy old guy :grin:
  11. Well if you alow for the victorian polices 3% speedo error i would say 82.4 would be too fast ... mind you when that was introduced ... all major manafacturers would only guarantee 5% error
  12. I've seen 50 zones where 200 kays is fine and I've seen 100 zones where 80 is death. All depends on the road strictly from a survival standpoint. Legally, anything over 80 (given 5% or whatever as above is too fast).

    Stupid thread imho.
  13. and mind you ........... when the theiving parasites set these things up you can bet they will have them set to the inth fraction as to raise as much revenue as they can
  14. Yeah, its a road and conditions thing... There are parts of the trip home from work that I still only do at 70km/hr when its posted at 80. That section has cars changing lanes without indicating, people not giving way, poor road contitions etc etc, somedays 70km/hr is too fast. Then there is a 90 streach that is easily a 100+ streach, but its cheaper to stick to the 90.
  15. Fark me ... next I will put a request for ARC funding and spend three years developing a suitable test instrument to appease all of you naysayers :p

    In the interests of getting a decent sample size and thus at least a moderately interesting result I suggest all the 81, 82.679876348768765 etc. nitpickers just vote 100 since the question was "too fast" and 100 is the nearest option :roll:
  16. For what sort of vehicle? I know of a few dirt roads signposted as 80kph or more where even the speed limit is way too fast for a sportsbike on semi-slick tyres but a 4wd would be fine.
  17. Ok, after I change my login name to Pandora I will suggest an "average" motorcycle in average mechanical condition with a rider of average riding ability in an average frame of mind and average physical condition, riding in average weather and road conditions ... umm probably missed a few anybody want to help me out?
  18. average Intelligence
  19. Of course, and what does missing it say about mine lol :oops: