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How fast is fast enough?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Warnsey, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. While this may sound like a loaded question, it has got me thinking. I have only been riding for 2 weeks spending most days riding around the twisty roads in my area (along with practicing slow riding for P's). I haven't had a chance to do group riding yet and I was wondering what kind of pace these rides are at?

    I do the speed limit where I can, and generally take the corners about 10-15km/h above their posted limits (sometimes more, sometimes less). I'm not trying to 'push' myself but these are the speeds I am comfortable at.

    Not that i'm interested in being a boy racer or killing myself, but am I riding at what would be considered a fair speed or would I be off the pace in a group ride?

  2. it depends what kind of "group" it is.
    if you do a learner group ride, you might be one of the fast ones.
    if you go on an intermediate/Ps group ride, you might be the same or a bit slower than a few.
    if you go on a ride with crazy nutters, they will be out of sight by the 2nd corner.

    it really sounds like you are trying to compare yourself with others. for your own safety, please dont! an easy way to crash is following the rider in front, trying to keep up. just ride at a pace you are comfortable with, stick with it, and increase your skills and ability naturally.

    a group will wait for you if need be. if they dont, find a new group, because that one isnt worth your time :)

    Nibor is 100% right, no matter who you ride with, generally in a group there will be some faster and some slower than you, don't try to be a hero and keep up if you don't feel comfortable, just catch up at the next stop/servo.

    I have no trouble in letting the others ride away from me if they feel so inclined, I know they will always wait up for me.
  4. Absolutely fair point. Just interested.
  5. now we've got that sorted, go find yourself a group ride and have some fun :grin:
  6. The above said, I reckon it helps to go riding with someone more experienced than you (sounds obvious). I went riding with a mate today; first group ride, went down 3 hours of twisty road, I was a different rider after those 3 hours, I followed some of his lines into the corners etc and got to see the corner being taken before I committed myself to it.

    As was mentioned, don't bother keeping up, I was so close to losing it round a corner because I came in with too much speed trying to keep up, didn't see a patch of loose gravel til I was too close and I was on the brakes and stood up - tipped back into the corner JUST in time though :grin: - I consider myself lucky.
  7. FACT ONE of riding. There's millions of people slower than you, but equally as many faster than you.

    It IS a good idea to go out with just one experienced rider and learn, but it is dangerous trying to keep up with the quicks on a group ride. Your mentor should only be going quick enough to give you time to watch his lines, braking etc, and emulate same. He should stop after a section, debrief, and then ride behind you for a section and see how you are absorbing the lessons.

    There's rarely scope to do this sort of stuff on a bigger group ride.....
  8. Great read. Thanks for the link.

  9. I'd be careful about riding with a mate. You will only become as good or bad as he is.

    Just like a dad or mum teaching "L platers" all there bad habits. I seen a "L" drive straight through a stop sign the other day.

    IMHO we all need to keep a safety margin no matter what skill level. If we chose to give up that safety margin and something goes wrong, we're stuffed, as we don't have a cage of steel to protect us.

  10. This Gentleman deserves a lapdance
  11. When you take a corner and completely F up your line and nearly cross over the line, that's probably fast enough.

    If you find yourself lying on your side and your bike cartwheeling down the road, despite the fact you wern't hit by a car or rode over something dodgy on the road.......THAT'S when you could say you were going too fast.

    Oh no, that's terrible. SINGLE & READY TO RIDE - BIKERPLANET

    Sorry, haven't been on for a while.
  12. Just be bloody careful here though..........following his lines can mean......if he bins it :? you know where you are going.... :shock:
  13. Don't you know that riding anything over 2kmh over the limit WILL kill you Instantly?
  14. Will keep that in mind :).

    I chose to ride with this mate because he seems like a very cautious kind of guy.

    I think I'll get him to ride behind me next time - that way he can spot if I'm doing anything wrong.
  15. I've been on a number of NR and BMW club rides, and even when I was on the 250 and cornering like a stoned tortise I had no probs. Unless ur on an advanced ride through very technical roads with a bunch of track day regulars there will almost always be people who are there for a casual cruise. Also, most large NR rides have a tail end charlie who wont go leaving u behind.
    On the Reefton ride a few weeks ago, the gap between leader and TEC had reached nearly 10 mins only an hr into the ride. It was my brothers first group ride and first time doing lots of twisties, and even though he was on a misfiring 250, he still kept up without much effort.
    If ur nervous about ur first group ride still, just pick it carefully. Good weather, roads u know a bit, try and get a mate or 2 to come along. Also, dont be worried about introducing urself at the start point. Usually find an experienced rider or 2 who will keep an eye on ya :)
  16. Just in case you're worried:

    On a group ride, riding inside your abilities is nowhere near as inconvenient for the other riders as if you ride outside your abilities.

    Do what you are comfortable with.
  17. yep ride as you feel. i have mates who i have known for years and not only will i sleep with their girlfriends but would get in and fight at anytime but would NEVER ridewith them.. not because they are fast or slow.. they are fast yes but insane and im not up for ambo work. the feeling of thinking the bloke behind or in front has gone down is sh!thouse. went for an old road run with Veriton yesterday who decided about 4ks off the river he needed to drain himself of coke.. you slow down...slow slow down..mirrors, mirrors and then stop and wait. when you ride back past the last point you thought you saw that person and they aren't there and you think they are down the cliff what do you do.. you see the bastard coming towards you doing his zip up.. seems like no big deal but after many years living and working in ski resorts and having that feeling of a lost skier (friend) its not good. kind of off topic but im at work by myself and bored. have a nice day.
  18. LOL thats a better banner for this site than "connecting riders" :LOL:
  19. First group ride I did was a week after I got my L's down to bald head. I tryed keeping up (lawl) untill the second corner where everyone disapeared. Learn on your own merrits or you will do a wheelie off the side and down the valley trying to keep up.