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How fast, hypothetically, could you get to work?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grue, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. Assuming you're on the bike or in your car (whatever you normally commute with), geared, and it's warmed up in your normal parking spot. There's no traffic, all roads are closed, and you're not going to be charged with any traffic offenses.

    Of my 5.3km ride to work, 4.8km is on the same road, which is a big road. I imagine it'd take, oh, 30 seconds to make it out of my parking spot, down the street, and onto the main road. Figure 20 seconds (less?) to get to 250+ kph once I'm on that road, and I'd cover the remaining road in about a minute. Give myself ten seconds to brake at the end of the road. Another 20 seconds to get the bike on the sidewalk, get in front of work, and get the stand down, then walk in the door.

    2 minute, 20 second commute :-s
  2. usually a 25 minute run, i could do it in 10
  3. 35 minutes via Calder & Tulla freeway into CBD, at night 25 minutes sticking to speed limit.

    Oh, in a car by the way.....
  4. You guys suck... *mutter* 2 minutes *grumble*
    Trip to work is between 45 and 65 minutes depending on when I set off and the return trip is even more dependent on clock off but an hour is about average.
  5. it'd take me about (maths urgh) agg about 7 mins.
  6. 16km/h, all but 1km is on main, open, roads with only 2 sets of lights.

    i'd say on a clean run, probably 5-6min.
  7. About 40 seconds. gear up inside the house. walk out the front door and up the path. Walk down the road a little. I'm there.

  8. Well jobless at the moment, but the last job I had I'd walk about 30 seconds down the road to the lights, wait usually about from a few seconds to a minute for green then walk about 2 minutes to work. If I were on a bike, it would probably have been about 1 minute trip all up.
  9. I could do my 30 min commute in 10-15
  10. I had a 7 minute walk to work. Could do it in 1min on a pushy. Would take longer on the motorbike as i couldnt plow thru parks.
    Currently jobless and in a different state...
  11. When I was working in matraville my record was 21 min. Might have been able to do it in 12. To uni could probably make it in bit over 15.
  12. My normal best ever is 12 minutes - should be able to do it a lot less than that
  13. I do a 27 km run up the New England highway from a small suburb in Newcastle; there are approximately 29 sets of lights to contend with. On heavy traffic days it takes me 25 to 27 minutes (filtering slows me down a bit) and on not so heavy traffic days 22minutes. However, on Saturday it took me 15 minutes to do the same run. Wow, lights really do slow you down.
  14. 22 minutes from Auburn to Blacktown at around 9:30am in a little 3cyl Suzuki swift (good ole 1L, I used to call it my gixx thou :)) that's the best I've done. Now, no matter the amount of traffic or the time of day it takes me 20min, even if I'm riding like I stole it or if I'm riding like RC36 (sorry, door was open, I just walked through it :LOL:), to get from Castle Hill to Galston.
  15. haha i love the question... i know the perfect line through every corner on the way... i know every bumb and wallow, every deviation in road surface, how to best tackle every camber... i know where each and every road on the way has the best grip when it's raining... i know it intimately in my bones ...no cars on the road?...i could ride there blind folded... oh yes, i would get there very very quick.
  16. 12 mins is the best i've achieved, but there may have been a couple of infractions along the way.

    I reckon I could do it in 7 mins with a clear run, but I could do it in 5 if i was being chased ;)
  17. Who's in a HURRY to get to work? :rofl:
  18. Normally its about 5-6 mins.. roughly 4km trip, all made up of corners and tiny side streets where I'd only hit 60km/h for a couple of seconds of the whole trip.

    If I could be sure of no traffic probably 3 mins, but the corners are all 90 degrees and fairly tight.
    Using the main road would be faster in that case, however theres still a couple tight turns, a roundabout and a train line that I almost get air off from just 60km/h, could get about 120+ by that point if I tried hard enough but I may destroy myself..

    Shotgun not cleaning up that mess :p

  19. Nice.
  20. the question isn't how fast can you get to work, but how late can you leave home?