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How fast can a Police bike go?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by randy, Jan 15, 2005.

  1. How fast can a Police bike go? All states please.
    Please list model / engine size and type / modifications / estimated max speed

    Any additional info on their riding ability? Saw a fat guy other day chomping on several big macs, did not look like much of a threat.

  2. I dunno, but I saw a police bike wheelie once :roll: :shock: :D
  3. as far as I know they are standard bikes ..why Crusty are you planning makeing a ghostrider downunder dvd :LOL: :LOL:
  4. I think its time we let randy retire, he was fun for a short time but his fishing is becomming just plain annoying now.
  5. Agreed..no point even trying to answer his post seriously is there... :roll:
  6. The NSW Police Service has two types of bikes - the BMW K1100 and Honda ST 1100.

    These are specially designed police bikes with the following features:

    1100 cc, four cylinder, EFI engine

    five speed transmission

    shaft drive

    dual disc front brake and

    single disc rear break

    high performance disc pads

    high performance tubeless tyres

    calibrated speedometer

    pannier bags and touring fairing

    anti skid braking system (ABS) [BMW only].

    Police motorcycle emergency warning system consisting of:

    electronic siren

    red/blue strobe lights front mounted

    blue strobe at rear on telescope pole

    police decals


    custom Pro Laser II radar gun.

    Pretty much standard bikes :D
  7. Apart from the rider who is legally allowed to shoot at you if you upset them enough.
  8. Yeah same here... He was being a smartie pants... And I was like.. NO FAIR

    Lisa :twisted:
  9. in NSW i was overtaken by a cop, he was doing about 130-150kmph and he was doing just coz he could - i.e. no emergency. he was speeding coz he was a cop and nobody was going to book him

    geez that annoyed me :evil:
  10. The only time that I had an interaction with a motocycle cop was back in 1981. Me, being young and silly, wound my GS1000 up to about 170 km/h along the Princes Hwy. A bike cop spotted me and gave chase. I didn't know that he was following me til I slowed to a 90 km/h zone coming into a town. He was then able to catch me.

    He explained that he couldn't go much faster than 130 kays, as his bike, a Honda CB750/4 got terrible tank slappers over that speed, due to the fairings that they used back then.

    Suffice it to say, the copper couldn't tell exactly how fast I was going. So, come court time, I admitted to doing 130 km/h. I was lucky to walk out of there with a fine and a solicitor's bill......
  11. I follow them when that happens. Ive followed police bikes at speeds of 130-140k's before.

    I know if I were a cop I would speed everywhere too, and pass over double white lines, and on the left and tailgate cars in the transit lane with only 1 person(actually id book them), and slow cars in the right lane and lane split.... I know id do all that cause I do it all now and im not a cop!! :LOL:
  12. I've met a couple of really awesome bike cops... there were a couple accompanying us on a bike tour in an official capacity, in uniform, on cop bikes, and they were top blokes! And crikey they could ride too! But I won't go into detail... given the anti-talking about riding like a lunatic on public roads thing in the other thread! ;)
  13. your asking the wrong question mate, what you need to ask is how fast can a policeman or woman go on their bike...

    I've riden stright oround the outside of guys with faster bikes than my 6R and i've had guys on 250's ride straight around the outside of me... How fast you go depends on your level of skill and most cops are very well trained riders

    so if your planning on doing a runner from them i wouldn't recommend it
  14. Indeed. I remember doing a corner and braking course at Sandown a couple of years back. During the course they had setup witches hats along the front and back straight for chicane practice, with the rest of teh track as per normal. I followed behind a cop on his BMW police bike for a couple of laps and they are awesome riders. I learnt alot from following him for those few laps that day :)
  15. You may be ale to out perform the bike or the rider but I have yet to see someone out perform the radio they carry....
  16. aint that the truth.

    most cops arnt stupid enough to give chase (they know thier limits and the bikes too) just 5 seconds on the radio and you are toast.
  17. The Big BMW 1200's can go uptp 240km/h

    Yes, the motors are stock, but the suspension is heavily modified.

    Currently undercover bike cops are riding the same bikes in unmarked, stock blue. THese bikes can actually corner pretty well. Jave ridden them before and they are suprisingly stable.

    So, if youa re trying to evade them in high speed sweepers, forget it, they will get you. In the tight twisties, you may get away from them BUT NOT the radio.
  18. Don't forget that unmarked r1 that was in the news not too long ago.