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how fast are 250cc bikes

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mobb, Nov 22, 2006.

  1. Can someone tell me how fast can a 250cc eg. vtr250 go from 0-100kms? thanks

  2. Well that depends on if it is fooli sik or not.
  3. It won't be as fast as some cars on the road - so don't go getting too overconfident. The actual time assuming everything goes well and you know what you're doing would probably be around the 6-7 second mark (depending on gearing).
  4. I had a Virago and was able to pull away from a guy in a VX V6 Commo. Valve bounced in first but got there in the end.

    I'd think the VTR will do about the same or a bit better.
  5. I reckon 6-7 secs as well, try googling it, see how you go. You'll beat most tin-tops to 60-70kays if that's what you're wanting to hear.
  6. they're really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, fast.
  7. That about covers it...

    I had my arms dislocate from my shoulders once when I accelerated too hard.


    (Completely true story)
  8. i believe the stroker 250 aprilias go from 0-150kph in about the blink of an eye. that might be an exaggeration, but jesus those things fly; i like the way theyre learner legal AND a GP bike
  9. I'll second that.

    Previous sarcasm aside I'm going to need to have one more whinge (because we're in short supply and all) about Victoria's failure to introduce the LAMS. I know the legislative wheels turn slowly but jeebus christ. Why can you go out and get something like the above mentioned bike and put yourself into a brick wall at 200km/h yet you can't go and buy a nice recent model with a sensible power to weight ratio, that will actually be useful? How long does it take for this inconsistency to be realised?

    Has any party included this in their platform in the upcoming election. I'll vote for them solely on the basis of that issue. Anyone know?

  10. Our motorbike laws and NSW are the opposite to our P-plate restriction (car) laws and theirs.

    For example, in Victoria P-platers can drive a car that is 125kw/tonne and 3.5L/tonne. In NSW there's no turbocharged, no supercharged, and no V8s for P-platers. For bike riders in Victoria it's nothing more than 250cc, but in NSW there are power to weight considerations. If we adopted their bike laws, and they adopted our car laws - it'd be a much better world.
  11. How long is a piece of string? :LOL:

    See if this link is of any use to ya http://www.250ccbikes.com/categories.html :wink:
  12. the more dick p-platers in over-powered cars that remove themselves from the gene pool the better, and the less punk-ass drivers we have to deal with on the road

    kill the head and the body will die!
    -Horatio Alger
  13. Twice as long as from the middle to one end. :p
  14. As long as they don't remove themselves taking someone else with them, which happens far too often. :(


  15. I don't know because I haven't gone to 100km/h on mine yet :p. If you change up gears from 6,000-7,000 rpm on the VTR250 then it goes fast enough. However, that won't do in a 6 cylinder car.

    If you're looking for a quick 250 then have a look at a Kwaka ZX2R or Suzuki Bandit. From what I found on the internet, they're pretty quick for a 4 stroke 250.
  16. I ride a GPX250, and I have no issue accelerating away quicker than most cars. The paperwork on the bike says 0-100 in 5.5secs......which I doubt ;)
  17. Unfortunately for NSW P-Platers, Lotuses are really expemsive and a 7 is just too damn expensive. So no sub-5 (often sub-4 for the 7's) 0-100kmh fast road racers for them.

    What's WA's L-regs? Do they have LAMS?
  18. In WA, you first get your learner's permit, and you have to have an instructor with you at all times until your assessment. The instructor has to have held the same class of license that you're getting, or higher for 4 years.

    New road users then move to phase two, where they're allowed on the freeway, but still have to have an instructor, and log 25 hours of road time (I think). After you get your license, you get P's for two years.

    Classes are R-N - up to 50cc, R-E up to 250cc and R - open.
    Class upgrades require you to sit the learner's test again (easy 15 question multiple choice) and go through the whole process each time. You can get an R-N license at the age of 16.

    In my case, since I've had my car license since 1999 (and only had P's for one year in those days), R-E is just a class upgrade, so I did the learner's test, have my assessment booked in for January, and then I'll have a full R-E license (not probationary) until I upgrade to R class. I have to wait two years for that.

    R-N class (50cc) is also covered by the car license (C class).

    If you do your test in an automatic, you're only licensed to ride an automatic.
  19. i gotta admit the 250 are slow. well they go faster than most cars i know but its shit slow compared to a 600.