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How farking cool is this?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Roarin, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. Check this out. I have no idea what forum to put it in, but there is a Yamaha tank on the bench, so here it is. How cool would it be to have one in your garage? Unreal :)

  2. that's pretty awesome technology.
  3. I think it's Swinburne's Centre for Advanced Manufacturing that has a similar (but much larger) version - except that it reproduces the original by machining it in metal - I saw it making a crankshaft for a V8 a few years back (I think it was Swinburne that was buying it from memory - I saw the demo at the importers).
  4. Holy fcuk, that's awesome.
  5. Yeah, once you've got the CAD pattern you can build it however you want. Plastics, ceramics and titanium can all be "printed" up in 3d like in the video there, complete with moving parts in place. In order to use titanium or ceramic you need to use an electron beam melting machine, which builds it up out of powder a layer at a time.

    If it's a simple part, you can use a milling machine.
  6. jeez thats nice. quite impressive :p

    doesnt try to sell it much at the end though, does he? :p
  7. The totally awesome part is that the "reader" only costs about 3 grand. And it seems to produce a file that does not require too much manipulating to convert to CNC machine code. If I read between the lines correctly :)
  8. Holy Shit! :shock: I thought that machine where they print in the powder & you get a solid object at the end was the ducks nuts, but moving parts fully assembled is blowing my mind!

    Anyone know how much it costs?

    Thanks Roarin, that's the coolest thing I've seen in a long time! :grin:
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    God I love the age we live in right now. Everything is just so amazing!


    I love seeing stuff like this. It reminds me just how clever we can be as a species. (Instead of all the usual dumb sh!ts we see so much of on the news).

    Nice find, thanks for sharing.
  10. :shock: that was awesome, for a reader so cheap for what it does (dont know if that includes software tho) and then building a working model right out of the machine was the coolest...
  11. Beam me up Scotty :grin:
  12. Concepts been around for a decade, but , like anything has become progressively more "user friendly" and portable.

    fcuking amazing isnt it. The potential to build extremely complex devices fully assembled is going to completely transform the manufacturing industry.