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How far will a tank get me on a VTR250?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by campleader50, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. Howdy,

    Any current or ex-VTR250 riders out there who can give me an idea of how much I should expect from a tank of fuel? Actually ran out of petrol at 140k (all city riding) on the weekend but I think I had stuffed around with the fuel switch thingy beforehand so I feel like the two tanks were out of whack. So now I want to get this sorted to minimise this problem for the future.

  2. Depends on how you ride it.. :wink:

    I got as much as 300km from a tank, and as little as 180km from a tank from my 2001 VTR250. (300 = 80km/h, gentle take offs, long highway run. 180 = 100+km/h, on the throttle stop etc etc).

    There aren't actually two tanks on the bike, only the one. When your fuel tap is on "On", you are taking fuel from say 40mm from the bottom of the tank. When it is on "Reserve" you are taking fuel from lower down the tank. A picture is worth a thousand words here, and if I could find it, I'd post it. :oops: Someone will know where it is and post it, I'm sure.

    Fill your tank, reset the tripmeter, make sure you've got the fuel tap set to "On", and ride it until it dies. Change it to reserve, get to the nearest servo, taking note of the tripmeter reading. Repeat until you get an idea of what sort of average km's you're getting.

    Oh, and just in case you don't know - fill the tank to the lip on the inside of the filler neck - don't just stick the nozzle in and fill until it clicks off.
  3. I generally get about 290 klms from a tank then I need to switch it to reserve.

    I do mostly commuting and a very small amount of freeway stuff (i.e., the length of the Eastern Freeway) twice a week.

    Hoping to do more recreational riding now that otherweekend committments are finished.
  4. I usually get about 300 ks before reserve.
  5. What Macca said about filling up is good...

    i used to get 220 before reserve... maaaybe once 250...

    but then my old bike had a different rear sprocket for more acceleration, but made it rev higher

    and i had a staintune, so i'd rev it just to hear it sing...

    and i'm not the slowest rider around...
  6. 350+km if the bike is in good tune and if you fill right up to the filler and ride conservatively with a few squirts here and there !
  7. Unless the bike is in a severe state of crap (plugs fouled, carbs dirty and running very unbalanced) you will never get less than 250km out of a tank no matter what kind of riding you do. But as other riders have said I generally get about 270-300kms out of the tank.

    Note: I'm a 65kg rider and the bike is an '99 model, with a newer model you wouldn't be wrong to expect better fuel economy.
  8. I got 280km out of mine before I had to coast down the hill and into the Servo..
  9. Is it normal for a 250 to make that kind of kilometers? My CB gets 410-420km's before hitting reserve. I know it's a different engine entirely, but 100+km's is a big difference.
  10. Yeah, but your CB has a 16L tank :)

    I get 160-180ish really fanging the Spada around before reserve (8L), so 400+ of gentle riding from 16L on a never less powerful engine sounds reasonable....also, I need a tune :grin:
  11. I ride from Newport to Point Henry (Geelong) almost every weekday - For long-haul 100kph stuff like that, I regularly get 270-290km before reserve, by filling almost to the brim. 250 if I fill to the bottom of the "neck" rather than close to the top.

    If I'm on a spirited ride around twisty roads, etc, it costs me about 30km of range. 220km-250km before reserve.

    I'm not game to see how far reserve goes. I aim to fill up within 30km of reserve, which gives a safe 10-20km buffer... theoretically...

    I think the VTR250 gets hurt for freeway fuel efficiency due to the lack of fairings, etc. It's probably gotta work a bit harder than a ZZR or GT250R due to the extra drag. :)
  12. Pfft it's not the lack of fairings, it's the lack of a bloody 6th gear.
  13. I get about 300km sometimes a lil bit more.. but then im just a learner and i dont ride fast anyways.. Where abouts are you im in Sydney maybe we can ride some day.. i currently only ride with another mate as we dont know many people with bikes. We have both vtr 250's
  14. I'm from the Randwick/Bondi area... so that'd make me an eastern suburbs princess... i know, i know...
  15. Hey! Mikek told me I'd be filling up every 50km with a VTR250! :mad: :twisted: :LOL: These things are way better than the virago! Yet another reason to get one :wink:
  16. my bike ... cbx250 only gets me about 100k to a tank (12lt i believe)

    so i can leave for example, werribee.... get to millpark / epping, ride back and i'll make it back with a the fuel needle on 1 notch. , it is like 50k one way.

    /me wanders why.... damn "lead" foot... i mean hand.
  17. The GT250R has no 6th and it weighs about 40kg more. I guess the tank is 4 litres larger though.
  18. my best fuel economy was 3.8l/100kms, that was all commuting, never faster than 70ks. my worst was 7.8l/100kms, that was after a sunday evening blat up the old road (i was rather happy with my self after that).

    like any other twin of any displacement, they can be really fuel efficient, or they can be absolute pigs on the juice. it all depends on where you keep the throttle and the tacho needle.

    you should at least get 220-240kms for mixed condition before reserve, and 260-280kms if just puttering around town. it says in the owners manual that you should get 40km/1L :LOL:
    ahhh those jokers at honda...

  19. It also says that the 40km/L figure is at 60km/h. Doable if you just sat it on a dyno in 5th and never wavered from the speed.
  20. Sorry to go slightly off topic, but i have the same question for my kawasaki eliminator. I know this might sound like a stupid question, but can you hook up and electric tacho without too much trouble as these bikes didnt come with one?