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How far/long have you had to push your dead bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rc36, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. Modern bikes are so reliable and yet you still see the occasional one stopped by the side of the road. Most likely an electrical gremlin these days which requires a tilt-tray (been there with a flat rear tyre once).

    When bikes weren't quite so reliable, breaking down on the side of the road was regarded as an occupational hazard of riding, thus my question.

    In 1978 I was riding home to my house in the southern suburbs of Canberra from our bike club meeting over in Belconnen. As always, I took the "scenic" route (read "twisty") across Coppins Crossing rather than taking the Parkway.

    The bike was my 1973 Honda 500/4 and, just as I turned out of Coppins Crossing road and began heading down the dipper, in Uriarra Road, the bike ground to a halt. No power, no lights, nothing. I knew what was wrong. It had to be the main power fuse. I knew where the fuse was, too. Under the right hand side cover. I hopped off and removed the cover but it might as well have been on the moon. It was after midnight, a Canberra Winter night and it was as black as you can imagine it to be. Despite my best efforts I couldn't locate the fuse to remove it, and, even if I had been able to, I had no spare AND no light to be able to replace it in its correct position.

    So, off the bike and start pushing. Downhill to the bottom of the dipper and then uphill all the way to the Cotter Road. Turn left onto the Cotter Road and push/coast down to the intersection of Streeton Drive where I encountered my first street lights.

    Remove the fuse, clean the connections, put it back in. Whoopee, it works.

    By this time I had probably wasted an hour or so, and, despite the cold I was bathed in sweat and had pushed the bike probably 3 kms.


  2. My 250 ruptured a fuel hose once, so it was considerate enough to lighten itself by 10 kilos before I had to push it about a kay to a servo where I could fix it.
  3. ooohhh.. must have been a good 10 meters back to the top of the ditch i tumbled on down
  4. Got to push one a couple blocks back to the owner's house after a mechanical failure during a test ride a couple of weeks ago :LOL:
  5. Bout 4K's last Xmas eve, piece of carbon had come loose from the expansion chamber and lodged itself in the pipe, enough to stop the bike dead in it's tracks. Thankfully I made it into town before that happened :shock:

    Added a 2 meter lengh of fence wire to the tool kit after that :wink:
  6. Had to run start my CBR for a few days in a row.
  7. about a kilometre, through the last hilly section of the Old Pacific as you come into that small town with the train station (Cowen?)

    was having too much fun pacing one of those new retro ducatis through the twisties. we were going hell-for-leather, and i'd just caught him, then promptly ran out of petrol. luckily my bike's 125kilograms are pretty light to push, and i'd just joined NRMA a week beforehand, who were out within half an hour with a jerry-can

    good times...gooood times...
  8. cowan dude... cowAn. dont let a cowanien see you get it wrong. they have extra toes that hurt more when they kick your a$$
  9. they're not bad people! just don't make any sudden movements, and they're quite friendly :)

    though, i do remember them being a little strange, i bought a cold drink from the Local Store For Local People while waiting for the NRMA, and was almost out the door before i looked down and realised the lady had given me my change in shiny stones and shirt-buttons. i turned back to question her, but she was busy, pre-occupied trying to feed baby-food to one of those life-like infant dolls. she was humming gently to herself, so i left it at that and just slowly backed out of the store. very slowly.

    goood times :)
  10. but they do make nice jam..
    bugger of a hill to push anything up that one. i would have been licking the water off the road that seems to stream across there 365 days a year.. or is it :shock: blended babies
  11. I swear I had three breakdowns in exactly the same same spot on the way home on different nights. About 2-3 km from home. Thankfully all but the last 500m were down hill. Still that 500m back up a decent hill was hard work.

    I had another break down where the rear brake was dragging and thus heating the disc, and thus dragging more, about 3-4 km from home. All up hill. That was begucking hard work.
  12. some people say its character building. i say it bites. other than the ditch i did push the 250 for a k or so and that was bad enough on the flat. only had to put 14.8 L in a 15 L tank.
  13. A little bit further than anyone else.
  14. Just to the back yard where I buried her.

    Edit: Oh shit you said bike not wife :oops:
  15. 2.4kms....broke down due to running out of fuel on the cahill expressway after coming off the syd harbour bridge. luckily some of it was downhill to woollomoolloo servo
  16. 2.2Ks (as it turns out), just last Monday (man I'm milking this) when my VFR blew its stator. I now appreciate people calling them heavy.
  17. went up and down a hill a few times that's it .... so far
  18. about 1 km earlier in the year with the last 100m up a fairly steep hill so i could clutch start after the bike stand went through the edge of the road and it toppled and wouldn't start
  19. OI! Thread is over. I already said I went just a little bit further than everyone else.
  20. In all seriousness though, I pushed a TS185 this far when i fouled a plug.