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How far is your commute to work?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mr_messy, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. I'm having trouble finding a place to live close to work and was thinking of moving out further from the city.

    Only problem is that, I'm thinking that the longer you're on the road the more you at risk of some monkey, behind the wheel of a car, will hit you.

    I'm just trying to get an idea of what is a good distance to and from work.
    Currently I'm 6-7km from work St Kilda to Southbank.
  2. I'm about 10k's from work (and mostly in a straight line with mostly 50km/h and 40km/h zones in between) :roll:

    On a hot day riding through the city, stop start stop start, riding to/from work *sucks* and I tend to find the longest way that's reasonable just so I don't have to stop and start through the city. Laugh all you want about how that should be what I'm doing anyways, but it does suck :p If I had a decent ride in, maybe not through the city but 10k's via the Adelaide Hills, I reckon I'd be significantly happier and a significantly better rider.
  3. about 100KM each way....

    do this at least 2-3 times a week.(other days take the car)... but lately its been each day.
  4. I sometimes go via Albert park to work instead of a straight line down too.
    Not only to avoid traffic but to practice my conering a little.
  5. I commute every day about 50km each way.....wesgate fwy sucks so sometimes i take the long way (xtra 10 k's or so) and go along the coast.
  6. I've got two options when i ride to work, which is usually only twice a week. 1. ride 25kms through three sets of lights :mad: or 2. go the long way 38kms with a few twisties thrown in. :grin:
    Have a guess which one. :)
  7. As I discovered to my considerable cost, if you crash and get injured on the way to work, you'll only get compo if you're going the shortest way. Just something to think about.
  8. I sleep about 3 meters from where I work, but if I take the long way there (down the staircase) it works out to around 10 meters.
  9. About 12km for myself. North-western suburbs are the best as far as a quick commute is concerned. Takes me about 15 minutes on average, most of which is the final leg along Royal Parade.
  10. i was doing four 1.5 hour days, and one 3 hour day, doing sports coaching... my commute was 38kms each way, that took me about 1.25hours each way... i was on the pushie, so i was cycling twice as much as i was working... thank god that contract is over! listen up kiddies, respect youre liscence!
  11. whats your other option, a firepole? by god I have always wanted one of those in my house. pity I have a 1 story dwelling eh? :wink:
  12. Around 15k's each direction....
  13. Depends which site I'm at - today I was within walking distance, most of the time 25 kays one way. Other times 2-300kays.
  14. Well I ride about 65kms each way to work from Mt Martha to the CBD. I have no other form of transport and getting to and from the mechanics can be a pain. So if you are going to commute long distances you need to plan when and were you get your bike serviced and have a back up plan when your bike is on the shop or you are too hungover to ride.

    days like today are fantastic to ride but when it is 40+ degrees or 3C with vhorizontal rain it can be a bit annoying.

    I have been on the train for the last 3 weeks due to an injured shoulder and well overdue overhaul of the bike and for the first few days fantastic after that boring big time. ](*,)
  15. struggle the whole 50m across the road. once took the bike home from work. for some reason it was 150km... :twisted: thats why i walk it's just too far if i ride :LOL:
  16. Up until last week I was commuting from from Hosofrd to Lidcombe in Sydney everyday. That was about 85 km each way, half of it through Sydney peak hour, the other half was along the Old Road, so all in all I quite enjoyed my ride to and from work each day and now know every bump in that road.
  17. My commute is 35 km each way.
    I take the train up to 3 days a week depending on how I am feeling.
    If I lived 7 km from work I would ride a push bike or walk to work for the exercise.
    It would not be worth starting the bike for that small a trip.
  18. Well it all depends where I am before I have to walk to work. If I'm in the kitchen, its about 2m. If I'm in the dining room, its about 6m. If I'm in the bedroom...you get the idea lol
  19. With you on this one 100%
  20. I ride each day. The short way is 45km and the long way is 53km.

    The long way is the good way with the twisties :twisted: but it is dangerous on the way home in the dark. The road isn't that good is places.

    Usually go the long way in the morning when I can see the death traps on the road and then the short way home.