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How far is too far?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Flylo, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Just wondering, how far you will go on a tire? I have run the rear down to kanvas in the past, but I think this is going a bit far...


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  2. Yes, probably too far a couple of thousand k's ago....
  3. Flylo, I have a question for you.. How much is your life worth??

    I know mine's worth more then a bald tyre!!

    Then again I am no racer, so you might be able to hold a bike up on bald tyres without an issue.
  4. Mabe a fair weather rider only...... :p

    Seriously though, either change it or walk...
  5. I dont think it is flylo's
  6. You can still ride bald tires hard, just not in the wet. :grin:

    Needless to say this bike wasn't 'purposely' ridden in the rain for the last few thousand k's. It's off the road now...

    But seriously, how far until you change a tire? I only use to run down to the kanvas, because it became quite expensive to change a rear every couple of months when I was couriering. It did get a little challenging when it rained, and I do not recommend it for others, but each to their own... I know alot of couriers that did the same. Infact, there were places that would sell second-hand tires to us, the one's that people 'give' to the fitter. They would sell it to us for a small profit, and we would get maybe 3 or 4 thousand k's out of it.
  7. When I was a poor busted arse student I used to run'em till I saw a bit of canvas belt and hope the coppers never busted me for it....which I was lucky enough they never did. Needless to say riding in the wet when they were bald was a no-no.
  8. maybe ask your local tyre guy for the 'right' tyre for your work, I used to courier in a car decades back and always bought 'hard' tyres to last.. Dunno bout bike tyres tho, sorry.
  9. My experience - at the tread wear indicators, you are about a day's ride away from the belts.
  10. I never bought/buy hard compounds for all my bikes, because you generally have less grip, especially in the wet. Hard compounds, I think, should never be used on a motorbike, even cruisers. But that's just my opinion/experience.
  11. contact Pablos and ask Shane out there what he recommneds for your purpose!!
  12. plenty of tread left on that man.. great for burnouts
  13. It's - a - front - tyre.
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  14. Sorry, but no tread, doesn't make it a slick.

    That tyres badly feathered where there IS tread of sorts, mis-shapen, and therefore useless for any decent riding. More trouble than it's worth.

    But if the local shop is less than a K down the road, it could last for ages doing little crappy rides like that, if you can't be bothered with car or walking.

    Problem is...if you deck and hit a Mercedes-Benz, your insurance company won't pay and you spend the rest of your life in the poor house, paying the money back to the car owners insurance company, plus legal fees.

    You may wish the accident killed you quickly.
  15. Absodudeley to above. Farked from every side riding like that. Specially a front.
    Worst part is they are more vulnerable to punctures by littler things.
    Like that a thumb tack can bring you up with a flat.
    I'd rather put a match to a bike than push it.
  16. I rode a bike to get tyres in the pissing rain this morning and it was way worse than that! They start to delamenate and strips start tearing off. They go from bald like that to falling apart in about 100kms
  17. Exactly mate, did on the blackbird rear once. By the time I'd done the 40k to the shop, I had the steel belt showing around the centre. The shop kicked my arse. All I could say was, "there was rubber on it when I left to come here!" Doh.

    I've behaved since. :-/
  18. what happens if you have a squared off tyre but with plenty of tread ie a legal amount of tread, you hit the deck and hit a ferrari or something? will insurance cover you then or will the assessor just say "your back tyre is squared off, see you later"? I am now on my third squared off tyre and I'm starting to think I need a tyre more suited to the type of riding I do, small problem, I might have a 90/90-21 front which is common enough but the 120/90-17 rear is a bastard to find tyres for that fit!!
  19. Have you tried going around some corners?
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  20. Same happened to me on a SADR.
    Saw a small delam on the rear tyre & decided to call it a day in Korumburra.
    This is what I had by the time I got home!!!

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