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How far have you ridden off shortest route just for fun

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ljcoolio, Dec 3, 2015.

  1. Today I rode 60 klms to get a loaf of bread from the shop 2klms away

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  2. Not sure what the km's were but the 35 minute trip I used to take home from work took me nearly 4 hours one time. Just avoided the freeway and zig zagged the whole way home basically
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  3. 200.4 Ks to ride from Liverpool to Bass Hill.
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  4. Makes my effort almost sensible heh heh
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  5. A 105 Kms trip to fill up fuel from a station which is about 5 Km's away. :p
  6. Makes perfect sense, had to get rid of the old fuel first.
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  7. west coast of tassie to get from Launceston to Hobart...... i went back via the east coast but thats not as far. Thats about 985km instead of 400km for the return trip.

    my first day out on a bike ever I rode just over 1400km and only managed to get 1000km down the highway. it rained the whole way.
  8. From Brisbane to Toowoomba through one of my favorite roads Mt Crosby roads instead of all highways. Was suppose to get cigarettes for someone and they weren't happy for 4-5 hours, Edited: about 250kms in total instead of less than 10kms for cigs

    Rode like the wind blows. From that day on, if I was going somewhere, I was riding!. Now if any fellow Queenslander knows of any awesome road tell me! I shall explore and conquer it
  9. God I'm a rookie
  10. 1400KM on your first EVER bike ride??? Crazy!
  11. i got the bike a week earlier. rode it to work a couple of times (2km), then rode from qld to tassie to surprise my nan for christmas :) i'd been away for years. i ended up getting off the spirit on christmas morning which was pretty cool.
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  12. I regularly (at least once a month) go from home (Eaglemont) to work (Docklands) via Black Spur / Reefton Spur.
  13. I just did a lazy 150km through the Adelaide hills on my way home from the clock shop...
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  14. The most direct route from work to home is 5.5km, I have been known to take the 200km route home.
  15. Yeah home to Queensland Raceway is about 33km, trouble is if you don't turn off, well its about 150k return to the other side of Cunningham's Gap and back via dams and nice roads.
    Was only about 2.5 hours later than I thought.
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  16. Best I've done is 132k to get some strawberries, but they sure tasted good 8-|
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  17. First ride on my bike after I got it home, I was just going to fill it with fuel at the servo a few blocks away.

    2 hours, a nice lunch and 60kms later I got home.
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  18. I've been know to turn the 40km commute into a 150 km round trip through the smaller towns of the Midwest. On another note, I rode 450 kms to see my daughter at a one hour hockey trial, and then rode 450 kms back home. She got into the state team, so it was really worth it.
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