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How far have you ridden in a day???

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Ninja03, Oct 31, 2008.

  1. Eyy guys

    went for my first decent ride on saturday. Left from east doncaster down to warrandyte (Stopped for a pie coz i was bloody hungry) then went on to king lake then across to healsville then home through lilydale and ringwood. Was the best ride i have been on. Got home and clocked it on google maps. It came to about 2 and a half hours and i think 100 and something km's.

    I also compared it to some of the routes people have mapped out on here and was shocked when i had seen other people had done the same track and refered to it as a short to medium ride. It felt like it took me ages and buy the time i got to healsville my legs were so sore i needed to pull into the big servo for a break.

    I loved doing the long ride but have been starting to look at cruisers as i got really sore doin it on the hyosung. Is it normal to get sore over this kind of distance on a sports bike? Would a cruiser be better suited for this sort of riding or will your body adjust to the sports bike and come up less sore over this distance?
  2. Re: How far have you rode in a day???

    Mm, if you ride that distance frequently you shouldn't be getting sore, even on most sportsbikes, but you said it yourself that that's your first decent-length ride.

    Your body just has to get used to it - you use a lot of different muscles for riding which aren't used when walking, driving, running, etc. :)

    (Edit: Since campag answered the topic's Q, I might as well too - 1206km, which is still short of what some riders I know have achieved...)
  3. 420 ks in a day on a GOR trip. Took 148 ks just to get there.

    6 hours all up on the bike (zzr250) and a little stiff and sore, but then I'm used to 3+ hours on a racing pushbike with a saddle as comfortable as a brick, so a motorbike seat is really comfy :p
  4. My longest trip was 17.2km, and that included 2 stops for coffee :LOL: :p
  5. VTR1000, SuperDuke, or just taking "Cafe` Racer" too literally? :LOL:
  6. 1228kms, between 5:30 am and 1:05 am, Wollongong to Tamworth via the back roads, and back via the New England Highway, F3 and F6, on my 1998 600 Hornet.

    Incidentally, it's "How far have you RIDDEN in a day...?"
  7. About 1700km in a day on a '98 ZX6R. And yes, it hurt.
  8. Probably 750km in a day (almost no freeway), just enough so you REALLY enjoy that first beverage when you get home :)
  9. I reckon I've done about 700 tops. But I would have done that a fair few times.
  10. 275km on my pushy!! :p
  11. 1,123kms and nearly all of it in rain, 7am till 7.30pm June this year on a naked BMW :cool:
  12. 225km on my pushy ( Kalgoorlie to Southern Cross WA) in 43ËšC heat.

    And around 750km on the sv in winter.

  13. Adelaide to Cowell and back, 487 ks each way and then went to a party :dance:

    Was on a '87 Kwacka GTR1000, really comfortable seat. :grin:
  14. 1200kms on my first ever netrider ride, rode to sydney for a learners ride, left at 4am home at 10pm
  15. far ride to eat actually done more, about 1350(includes 2 hours nap time and about 4 hours in additional breaks) , would have done more but we were running way ahead of time so used the opportunity to have more breaks, and after lunch we went to the big banana and were to stuffed to get straight back on the bikes
  16. you're both nutters :p
    110km on the pushy, but thats a mountain bike, not quite the same rolling resistance with my tyres. im assuming you were both on roadbikes haha....

    most ever so far is 783km, from my place to Joel's. was on the way up to sydney. that's touring.

    most in the twisties is 550km, that was probably about 500km of bends, narry a straight road to be seen :twisted:
  17. 1660km (according to odo) 1703km (according to google maps) - 12:00noon - 12:00noon in September (Canberra to Tottenham NSW via Singleton, Glen Innes & Moree).

    In a day ride (no night riding) - Canberra to Broken Hill, left 6:45am arrived Broken Hill about 6:00pm - 1050km in August.

    Both on an 03 ZX6R :grin:

    I wasn't really sore after either one (well not after a good stretch any way :LOL: ) It's all about time in the saddle - i remember my first ride out of town to Berrima, was only about 145km all up and I was very, very sore.
  18. Can't match the big totals here, mainly because most of my recreational riding was done in the UK where it's just not possible to go that far in any direction in a straight line without getting wet :grin: .

    However, I will lay claim to 560 km in a day on a Honda C90 Step-Thru, not once but multiple times. Best time was 11 hrs 20 mins door to door, inclusive of everything, giving an average speed of about 50 km/hr. max cruise was 45 mph on the gearing I was using at the time, but hills and headwinds could knock that back significantly, mainly due to the yawning gap between 2nd and top in the three speed box. Max speed on long downhill stretches was 55 mph which, with me and two weeks luggage, tools and spares on board, was asking more than was reasonable of the rather wobbly suspension, bendy frame and thimble-sized drum brakes :shock: .
  19. i think my max is about 300kms, from toowoomba to sunshine coast (long way round). all on the little gpx250 :)

    it was excellent, however note to self, riding at dusk sucks - bugs flying everywhere. nighttime is awesome but :)
  20. about 800km's but the 600km's the next day hurt a lot more!