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How far do you reckon to run in new tyres?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Guest, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. :?
    I just got a new set of Pilot Roads and was wondering how far I need to ride to consider them "run in" or scrubbed?

    I went out today (lovey day for it) via Healesville, Yea and back throught Whittlesea. A total of 250Kms at a fairly conservative speed. Do you think that's enough



  2. I just put on some Pilot Powers, and I was told it would take at least 250k, and that they are as slippery as hell until scrubbed in. More, obviously, until the edges are worn in.
    Now I've got a new set of chicken strips to get rid of, dammit!
  3. should be plenty mate - a quick search will reveal some topics around this on the forums too, which discuss in depth.

  4. lol,30ks is enough much less 250ks!. :wink: 8)
  5. Yep, you'll be fine
    I've got a new Pilot Road with less than that on it and it's sweet.
  6. I ride around the block....

    250kms and they are wearing out, not scrubing in! :LOL: :LOL:
  7. lol!! :LOL: :LOL: \:D/
  8. there is no set distance at which tyres are considered run it. If you ride the bike in a straight line for 1000km after getting new tyres the edges are still gonna slippery...
    Just take it to an industrial lot and swerve from side to side going a little further down each time. Tyres will be scrubbed in instantly :D none of this 250km bullshit. :roll:
  9. Even though i'm only on a piddly lil two-fiddy... i played 20 questions with the mechanic when getting my fresh front tyre put on, and he said just take it easy for the first while.

    Given that i was intending on going GOR'ing this weekend (before the lousy weather forcasts) i went up on the Yarra Bouley for a few laps the night i got it fitted to scrub it in. Was content that it was grippy enough to commute on for the next day, but went back again the following evening. Got some nice heat into them and a decent amount of angle, but still wasn't convinced i'd scrubbed them in (120km's total... ~100 commuting). Went back up there again the following evening and get some serious heat into them, and wore the chicken strip (is that possible for the front !? :oops: ) way out to where is was on my last front tyre - about 2-3mm from the edge.

    I reckon a decent car park session should see that gone, or atleast worn right out to that 2-3mm limit (probably psychological :p ).

    Now i'm content it's worn in... and now im not riding due to lousy weather. :(
    Ah well, commuting for me.
  10. I put a set of these tyres (Pilot Roads, not "powers") on my CBR1000F. Being of similar weight and style to yours, I s'pose it'd be a fair comparison.

    I had them fitted on the Thursday, and on the Friday, I set off on a 3 day ride around NE Vic.

    The first bit of twisty stuff was the Noojee-Yarra Junction Road, after about 50 km of Princes Highway to Moe, Old Sale Rd to Neerim Sth Road. I rode the bike as I normall do. While not Mick Doohan stuff, it wasn't slow either. Never had any problems.

    In another one, I had a ZZR1100. Fitted Dunlop D207s front and rear on the Friday. Saturday I headed off to Sorrento to catch the ferry across to Queenscliff. Went via the Sth Gippsland towns from Drouin, Poo Wong, etc. It was raining all the way. The tyres didn't get a dry run until the GOR. And by then they were fine. Never had any issues in the windy bits heading off the Princes Highway from Drouin in the wet.

    I s'pose that with any new tyres, don't arc 'em up until they're warm or up to operating temperature. By then, any so called manufacturer process film should be worn off and the tyres "scrubbed in".
  11. 1cm chicken strips after 5km.. go figure

    lower the pressure by a few psi if you want to scrub them in quicker (or you
    just want to wear your tyres out really quickly)
  12. Have pilot roads on mine to and very happy with them . 1 trip to work and i had them pretty well scrubbed in .
  13. Just abit of useless information for you regarding new tyres.

    New tyres are covered in a wax as this wax is used to preserve the tyre in storage. The only time you need to be aware of it is riding on them for the first time on a damp or wet surface before wearing the wax off. I can wear the wax of in about 5 min riding. I do some weaving on the road lane leaning the bike over a little more each time. But generally riding home from a shop in a straight line for ten minutes is also enough to get the wax to melt off. 1 piece of advice never pick up your new bike from the shop when it is raining I have seen it a number of times where a rider has just taken delivery and was so keen to pick up the bike he didn't care about the rain, took off and dumped it on the first corner. :facepalm:

    I swear by Bridgestone Battalax BT020's Sensational tyre for grip, handling and longevity and cheaper than most. I have had them all Michelin, Metzeler's not keen on Dunlops though.

  14. My first set of Michie Pilot roads took about 200 k to scrub during last year's cool autumn. There were quite a few minor slips on the way. The next set took v. little during last summer.

    Current set of Pilot Powers took about 150k with no minor slips at all.
  15. Sounds about right. I'd do the same. You could have a look and compare the middle of the tyre to the edge (chicken strips), but with the amount of heat over the 250 kms you mentioned, all the slippery stuff is probably gone.
  16. OK, thanks everyone for your replies. :D
    Looks like I'm good to go. :D :D :D
  17. Yeah, if you progressively increased your angle of lean as you rode, you should be fine.