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How far do you commute each day???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by CFVFR, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. 5-10km

  2. 10-30km

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  3. 30-50km

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  1. Ok, so I've done the search 'commute' the how far do you commute' and got about 1500 entries. Had a brief? look through so please Mods, if I've fcuked up (again) punish me!! :p

    So heres the question. :roll:
    If you are a commuter or have done in the past on a bike.

    Reason I am checking is that I am soon to be doing casual work around the city as a chef and will have to travel from Mornington.
    Does anyone else do 50kms plus each way.

    Have'nt commuted for ages at least not this far and am, (well not quite) crapping myself but am not looking forward to it as it's been some time since I've had too. :-({|= You know what with living in the country down this way. :beer:
    Sure will get used to it as I'll be making some good moulah doing the work and have an awrsome VFR800 to listen to etc etc.

    Have a go!!
  2. 63kms each way for me in peak hour traffic :(
  3. Used to do 74.5km each way, Melb -> Geelong. Un-fun. :)

    I had to get dual-compound tyres for the VTR250, 'cause I was killing them through flatspotting.
  4. there's no option for 0km :p
  5. 3.0km each way. 4-5mins depending on whether I get the lights.
  6. Yep started working in Geelong, so switched to car to commute. 93ks each way. Nah. Used to commute 12 ks each way (to Albert Park)
  7. Dam, did'nt leave space for the lucky bastards"I work from home", or "just down the road" which was where I worked until a few weeks time, then its time to join all those I used to laugh at.

    Ha Ha, poor commuters:LOL:

    Boo Hoo :cry:

    Cam :cool:
  8. You need some more options there!
    I do 103km each way, boring freeway all the way. My back tyre looks like a car tyre now!
    I do it because when I get there I get paid to fly a Tiger Moth and do aerobatics. :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
  9. My first real post yay!!!
    I commute just over 30k's each way every day but it's all highway riding so it's something I look forward to, espesialy after a full day at uni listening to lectures and such all day.

  10. avg about 500kms a day, but up to 1200. not on the bike though :roll:
  11. 5-10k from Docklands to Southbank. It's a tough life :p
  12. 20 ks each way all on the eastern tho.
  13. Believe it or not - This is a Good/Very Important Topic.

    According to the Govt the Average Vehicle Kms travelled by M/Cs is very low, and this is why they can claim that M/Cs ar 30 times more dangerous than cars.

    Now I happen to believe - just by observation - that there are a heck of a lot more M/Cs on the roads today compared to even 5 years ago. In fact I believe that the Govt has no real idea how many bikes are on the road at any one time, or how many kms are being covered.

    They cocked it up in the last Census - and because they have no idea, we get forgotten when it comes to really important things like traffic congestion and road rules......
  14. doing about 35k's each way daily at 60-80km/h posted atm.
  15. bout a 20-25km round trip altho ive only been doing it on goodish weather days. cant really see the point in riding in rain or wet conditions, jus makes it more dangerous, harder to predict everything, have to gear up even more to stay dry and concerntrate even more...i feel it takes the fun away..
  16. im not minding the rain at all so far.

    i find the cold makes me more alert.
  17. i only do about 25 each way but i work night shifts so there are no cars around. It has been cold though during winter. Bring on summer.

    P.s yes the vfr sounds farkin great
  18. 27 klicks each way.
    Sometimes I do a 31 km training loop on the way in. Got to get some extra klicks into the legs somehow
  19. Around 32km round trip. ( 16km each way ) :)