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How far can you ride a 50cc scooter? (& other questions)

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by miou, Jul 14, 2007.

  1. I just bought a used Vmoto Milan — don't laugh; I'm a student so funds are an issue.

    How far can you ride a 50cc scooter without damaging it?
    There is a cryptic message in broken English underneath the seat; my boyfriend thinks it has something to do with how you shouldn't ride it for long distances. Obviously we can't go on freeways so it's not like we can ride terribly far, but realistically, how far is too far? Keeping in mind this Vmoto has only done 300k with its previous owner and we both want to treat it very well.

    As an aside, how do you check the oil? And I have googled for a pdf User Manual, but no luck. Anyone know where I might locate one?

    Thanks a lot guys.
  2. Hi Miou,

    Firstly welcome to the forums! There's loads of great information about riding in here and I'm sure you will be able to find the answer to most of your questions.

    Not sure about how to check the oil, maybe someone else who has one of these scooters can help you with that one.

    I can tell you that as long as you keep up the maintainence schedule of the scooter you can ride it as far as you want!

    Check out the following site for a story about someone who rode a 50cc scooter around australia.

  3. I would say the answer to the question is, how patient are you?

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. Welcome to Netrider!!!!

    If your scoot has only 300k, it shouldn't need oil yet, you probably just filled the fuel tank twice :grin: It must be under warranty, so ask the dealer for details at the 1year service.

    If it was sitting in a garage for years.. then....

    It is a two stroke, so the engine gets the oil with the fuel. You have two tanks (under the seat?) one for fuel and one for oil. Expect to top up the oil every 800km(?) or when the "light' comes up...

    I read on a article of Scooter Mag, a rider did the round Australia trip on a 50cc. So as Typhoon said, it's up to you!!! Whenever i did more than 45min on my 50cc, i would stop for a 15min brake, for both of us!!!
  5. Thanks a lot, people! You're very nice. By the way, the scooter was bought in October 2005 so it's not under warranty anymore, but it hasn't been sitting in a garage either. The lady I bought it off lived very close to work.

    Look forward to cruising around the forum :!:
  6. I dont know where you are, but go here: http://www.vmoto.com/au/locations/

    and find the dealer nearest you. I'm sure they could get a copy of a manual for you. If you tell us where you live people can be more specific with their advise.

    I dont know anything specifically about the Milan so anything i say is more general. The Milan may not be hugely technologically advanced :) so it may not have an oil warning light so dont wait for something to tell you to put more oil in because the warning may not exist. Scoots are VERY simple to look after, as said in previous there are 2 tanks oil and fuel. The bike mixes the oil into the fuel automatically so all you need do is keep the oil reservoir topped up. I would get in the habit of checking the oil and tyres every time you fill it up with fuel.

    Its good practice to be involved with your bike because there is very little between you and the road so you want it all in top working order.
  7. If your scoot is anything like the bollwell I used to have, it has this little semi-transparent reservoir for oil, probably under the seat. Just top it up, and that's that. It mixes oil and petrol automatically, which I thought was very nice because my experience with two-strokes was with things like lawn movers so I fully expected I'd have to prepare fuel mixtures myself.

    As to how far it can go... I'd say, don't worry about it. Unless you ride it fully loaded on fully open throttle all the time, I'm sure your body will give up and beg for rest long before the scooter develops any issues.
  8. I'd second that (though I'm less concerned about tyre pressure). You can't be too pedantic about checking oil levels. On a four stroke bike in summer I'll check my bike's oil every day or two - you just never know (not sure if the same applies in summer heat with two-stroke oil).

    What oil are you putting in it?
  9. Is there any other way to ride a 50cc?