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How far can I get out of a tank of fuel? cbr250rr

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Sweeris, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. I am wondering how far a tank would get me as I spent the first 150ks on the fwy. I'm on 240k havnt hit reserve yet...

    I worked out from the past I get about 14-19km/lt. This is metro riding with a little bit of fwy riding. I'm not too sure about that 150km fwy riding on what to expect for the km/lt.

  2. how long is a piece of string?

    depends on too many variables. you will get more mileage on the fwy, compared to town. but not every bike is the same. ride it and see ;)

    edit- and it is a 16yo bike, so comparisons with other cbr250rrrrrr's will only be very rough anyway.
  3. Hey Sweeris,

    Mine is doing around 200Kms to a tank, then im hitting reserve - Give or take a few kays either side. That is mainly City riding.

  4. I would say 200km would be about right. I hit around 185km until I need to go to reserve on my FZR250 with spirited riding.
  5. damn it you beat me to it... :roll:
  6. ill click over 200km and get up towards the 230 range before i need to flick the switch and start looking for gas.

    but iv been under 200 before and gotten to 250, depends on so much!
  7. 220 if i take it easy, 180 if im red lining :grin:
  8. I got 260k's last time when I hit reserve. A 1987 CBR250R Hurricane. I usually hit up a servo after passing through the 240k mark and use standard unleaded. No point in putting premium in a bike as old as mine!
  9. i use to get 300k before i needed to change to the reserve. that was on a 91 model.
  10. ouch, had mine re-jetted and new performace CDI fitted. Goes like a banshee but gets max 130k on a tank.

    No good for long country runs. In VIC and taking it up to the spur requires refulling at the base and on the way back!
  11. Hmmm yeah I'm only getting around 130k also! something cant be right. Thats too little isn't it?
  12. I'm getting 120-130 in my fzr. Most likely offenders are float levels, synchronization, valve clearances, needle wear... or your right hand :p
    I've done all those except the clearances and only gained about 20k per tank. I want to try running my needles 1 step leaner but it might damage the bike if it's to lean.
    We should be getting about 180-200k's PT except if you've rejjetted, you have to expect to lose some k's then. This is all pre-reserve.
  13. I used to get 270km before reserve (mix of hwy & suburbia), then as I got more familiar with my baby, she was getting 240km. The worst she got was 230km, but they were fun times :grin:
  14. whoow those are some low numbers, how big are your tanks?? I havent had less than 300 from my 10lt tank on a VTR250 yet.. maybe the 4stroke thing is helping that??
  15. i just got my bike on friday that past i got 230km out of the tank...b4 it died on me i was 500 m from petrol station lol..but i flicked to reserve...94 model..i should get a bit more with my bike wen i get smoother with it.