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How far ahead can you book in NSW

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by jackmc, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Just wondering if anyone knows how far ahead you can book a pre-learner test in NSW. I'm in NSW. I tried calling RTA, was on hold for 10 mins, and had to go back to work. Then I tried the website, it says there is nothing available - I think it might just be too far away.

    I'm about to go overseas for a few months, I want to do the test when I get back (in late October/Early Nov), an I know you have to book ahead (especially for weekends).

    Also, I'm a long time reader/first time poster. Looking forward to being more active on here :)



  2. Hi Jack,

    I got did my pre learner course about 3 weeks ago in Campbelltown. I had to go there because it was the soonest available.

    Your best option is to just keep checking the website, I even suggest checking it a couple of times a day because other people are constantly cancelling and changing their bookings, makeing spaces available then. The calander for availabilities I think is 1 month, sometimes two depending on when they upload their timetable.

    I changed my booking 4 times because ealier places kept coming available. There is no point in ringing the RTA to book because they use the exact same internet screen you would use to book it, so you may as well just do it yourself online. Perhaps it's also worth checking out a few locations each day for availabilities, rather than just the one.

    So yeah.. Just keep checking it a few times a day at different locations online ;)

    Goodluck with it!!
  3. There was a place for thurs/friday this week in Penrith (5pm) last time I checked (this morning). Its probably gone now though. I considered changing mine, but I won't have enough money for a bike yet, so, not much point. Though it'd shave 6 weeks off my Ls, I guess.
  4. When I was booking mine on the website, the furthest ahead you could book was 2 months.

    Since it's online, you could book it in from overseas. Maybe on the phone you can book further ahead though.
  5. As Dakotabre said, RTA only look at the same screen for bookings, your best bet will be to check online when your overseas , for about the time you get back, and see what is available.
    You will find most places are booked out for 2 months in advance , but a couple have earlier openings.
    Depending where you live , it might mean having to travel to the other side of the city to attend, but once you have your booking, then change it if a better time slot and place becomes available.
  6. Thanks for the responses guys.

    I think you must be able to book further ahead on the phone, I will give them a call on Saturday (they are open until midday apparently)

    Otherwise I will be logging in while on the road to try and do it..

    I'm also hoping to do it through HART (they are near me and seem to have a good reputation), but I'll go wherever they'll take me I guess.
  7. Bit of a thread hijack, but does the pre-learners generally finish on time. i.e. if it says it goes from 8 to 11:30, will it really finish at 11:30?

    Just asking to see what time to book the RTA knowledge test.

  8. I did mine in Campbelltown, it was meant to finish at 11:30, but we finished the actual riding at 12pm, then had to hang around while they signed our certificates, so you should allow an extra hour ;)
  9. lol, keen!

    I suppose if you're taking time off work you might as well do it all at once.
  10. Best idea is to keep looking online. I got a cancellation that popped up and grabbed it!!

    The courses are released a few weeks/month at a time. When I was looking there were no more courses available......and when they are released, they get booked up really quickly :(

    So if you can, just pop online each day to check for cancellations or new release dates :wink: