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how experienced is experienced?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by roundabout, Aug 22, 2005.

  1. Beginner or experienced?? i never know which group to classify myself into

    experienced - are we talking no chicken strips, melting front tyre, knee skinning experienced or competent not to be a hassle or danger to the group and pretty much able to stick with the group
  2. I'd say number 2. confident etc
  3. I think it's more of a learning curve thang than distinct stages.

    You start off at 'a danger to themselves and everything else on the road' move up to 'steady but cautious' before reaching the biking Nirvana of 'fast AND safe (at least relatively)'.

    When you reach middle age of course you enter the downward part of the curve and become 'slower and more cautious' before the inevitable 'old and doddery'.

  4. Thanks mate, NOW I know what to call it..... :LOL:
  5. It's ok Pete, I alternate between that and 'a danger to themselves and everything else on the road' myself ;)
  6. Thanks, I shall have to keep an eye out for that.

    My rolling definition of "middle age" is "Middle_age = my_age + 5_years"

  7. Bhah Still got plenty of chicken strips, just able to confidently and safely stick within cooee of the group. And the key thing here is that you aren't over extending yourself to do it so that you make it to the destination.

    Essentially you can fend for yourself and able to clock up some serious kays before needing a rest.
  8. what would I be ?

    * Have had normal licence and the ZZR since beginning of the year.
    * Have done a couple of rides through Black Spur / Reefton
    * Have ridden a couple of times to Dinner Plain for weekends away.

    * I also ride every work day from Mulgrave to Hawthorn along the Monash.
  9. NIPPLE member #1a ??
  10. What if you've never been with a women?


    Not me.

    this freind of mine . . . .
  11. I guess you'd have to include length of time riding there too.

    "Skilled or knowledgeable as the result of active participation or practice:"

    Then I guess I'm reasonably experienced.
  12. Go for a group ride with a mix of ppls

    If you aint bringing up the rear all day you prolly aint a beginner...
  13. Experience is a self measure..... We are always improving and there is always some-one better than us... ALWAYS...

    So, if you can confidently handle a bike, dont ride above your head and can get by on your own with little help, then you are an experienced rider.......

    So, that means you two Bob :LOL: :LOL: Actually, you crash alot :LOL: :LOL:
  14. Oh thanks mate !

    I guys puts his bike down for the 1st time in 15years and all of a sudden it's "He crashes alot "

    :LOL: :p :LOL:
  15. Dont worry Bob, if you have had 1 fall in 15 years, then you are a legend.....

    Ladies and Gentlemen, soon to be released, the netrider production staring VTRBob..... Legend of the Falls......
  16. I would say you're experienced when you don't really care whether you have chicken strips or not but just ride it the way you feel like at the time...

  17. Remember folks, crashing is not a learning tool....just ask Sobil :LOL: :wink: .

    This is one of those question that if you are asking it, you are probably too inexperienced to tell, therefore, you are inexperienced. I bet Troy Corser never asks the question......
  18. Being experienced is the ability to fall asleep on the back of a VFR blind drunk, waking up whenever the bike is braking or cornering, and falling back asleep again :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Just ask Jake 8)
  19. I would class myself as experienced, but based on a different measure. I've ridden all sorts of roads, in all sorts of conditons, on all sorts of bikes in all sorts of weathers at all sorts of speeds. I'm not saying I have ridden all or any of them brilliantly, but I have had lots of experience.
    With my recent return to bikes after a long gap, I am having to "re-learn" a lot, but from a core level of existing competence, based on that experience. As the sailor said when he spat into the wind "It's all coming back to me...."
  20. hmmm well i'd define experienced as different than skill. experience is when you're riding and you look at a cage and say 'that idiot is about to merge into my lane/not give way/run the red light/u-turn without doing a head-check' and then low and behold the idiot does it but you've made allowances for them and avoided the accident. always makes me feel good when i manage it, though i'm still swearing loudly at them through my helmet :D

    (the same obviously applies to predicting all traffic conditions, not just what other traffic users are doing.)