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How effective is Traction Control

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by wideone3, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. So after riding to Uni today on the bike in the rain (only reason is its 40 minutes faster on bike) i noticed my back wheel was sliding around quite a bit in a few situations. Now my bike doesn't have any real computer gadgets except abs which obviously doesn't really help in those scenario's. But i just wanted to know how effective traction control would be in those kind of cases. Like how good is it at saving your butt if your back wheel suddenly decides it doesn't want to grip anymore.

    Because i found myself clinching my ass tighter than a virgin when i felt it slip a considerable distance. Then again it might be my tire thats not very wet weather friendly (Diablo rosso corsa).

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  2. Yes, traction control will help control the rear end (by modulating engine power) in the event it starts to break traction -- exactly what it is designed to do. Its probably of more use in terms of being able to apply power out of corners and so on, but the basic principle is the same if the rear hits an oil patch. I've found the power delivery on the Triumph triple to be very smooth and linear and I can see why the 675cc bikes don't have TC -- with a modicum of sense, you don't really need it. I haven't ridden the 660, but I'd expect it to be similar.

    Admittedly the Rosso Corsa isn't really designed as a wet-weather tyre, however some things that may help you include adjusting your lane position to make it less likely you hit an oil patch (i.e. in the car wheel track at the lights rather than the middle of the road), delaying riding until its rained for ~30 mins (to help wash off the road a bit), avoiding standing water on the road, but above all, being gentle and smooth on both the throttle and the brakes.
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  3. Sometimes it works too well......

    First time I had my mistress in 'Rain' mode the TC was set at the default 8 (max setting).

    Was at a T intersection. Seeing a reasonable gap in the traffic I turned left into the road and gave it some throttle to accelerate into the opening. Damn system decides that ANY lean angle in Rain mode = NO response. basically idled around the turn and only responded once I was upright.

    needless to say it's not set up 8 anymore......
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  4. yeah I've heard on every bike that goes to setting 8 or above, that at that point its too intrusive and can be at the point of causing danger. Friend mentioned he did the same and rode it home not realising it was in mode 8 and when he went to set of from some lights after filtering, the bike stuttered as he gave it some and it was like a bucking bronco.
  5. The Vstrom has 3 settings: Off, Low (1) and High (2). I just leave it on 1. It's enough TC that it wont wheelie if I hammer it at lights but not enough that it affects any control and makes the bike so easy to ride in the wet. I've heard level 2 can be pretty horrible, so probably equivalent to those level 8 settings on your bikes.
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  6. Never had it or ridden with it, but my understanding is that it's a safety net system for poor throttle (or clutch) control.
    It's not going to solve other grip issues.
    In rain I guess it would prevent spin-up if the tyre aquaplanes, giving you a much better chance of regaining control.
    Having said that I have had issues in cars where it's overridden my manual response and completely confused me as to what was going on.
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  7. Really depends on the bike, some will retard power so much it'll feel like you've dropped a cylinder. Other bikes are so sophisticated that you can ride like a madman in the wet and it will make you feel like a motogp rider. Requires very little rider skill but it sure is fun.
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  8. You must have been pushing a bit to get your tire to slip. I've got the same bike as you (basically) and I have to give it a decent nudge along, even in the rain, to get the back end to want to move around. Hopefully you worked out where the limit of grip is and then back off a good 10-20% for future rides.
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  9. Mine is absolutely seamless: usually the only way I know that it has kicked in is if I look at the panel and see the TC warning.
  10. Gotta work on your reaction times I think. I've got the 675 and same tyres and am able to light the rear up in the rain, but I have to be twisting the wrist a fair bit, and snapping the throttle back immediately means the rear tyre doesn't move more than a couple of centimeters laterally. Just calm down a bit, eh. :)

    Make sure you're also paying attention to what you're about to ride into as well. If there's a dry line use that, but look out for oil and other hazards.
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  11. well to clear it up. It was because i was filtering and passed over the dotted line thus it being more slippery. But i did also slide while on just tarmac which i was unsure why it happened. perhaps oil or fuel split somewhere nearby. But i was only doing about 60 at a cruising speed. It wasn't like a "oh crap I'm gonna crash" it was just "Oo rear just slid a inch or two". Just was wondering how effective traction control is on the advanced bikes and whether it just doesn't allow the bike to do that.
  12. Curious,could somebody with more wisdom than me ,which doesn't have to be much to be more ,comment on tyre pressures as a factor.
  13. I'd put on some decent wet weather tyres and take it easy on the throttle.
    Very rarely do I get the back stepping out in the wet in day to day commuting even over tram tracks unless I'm being an idiot dragging commodores off the line :p

    Traction control may help you loosing control over the bike or chopping the power so it doesn't get worse however it won't find grip where their is none or save a rider riding to fast for the conditions.
  14. How good is traction control is a bit of a broad question. It's rather like "How good are accountants?" You can do a pretty good job or a very bad one. I have ridden one bike with TC that worked very well, a pretty current ZX10R. I have ridden a couple of others that didn't work well at all. And I drove a Fairlane (taxi, a Silver Service car) which had TC while it was on petrol, and it was horrible! It's very much like anti-lock brakes. ABS when it's all working properly, and well designed and everything, is bloody fantastic. But when it's an old and simple system and it has something (some things) wrong with it, is not a safety feature by any means...
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  15. BMW S1000r in rain mode is Nazi like, if you pin it when up right up from a dig it cuts power completely leaving you stranded in the middle of an intersection with no available power for about a 1 sec.

    road mode is better, but it still cuts in early so if you use a lot of throttle it can cause the bike to get into a strangle bucking wobble coming out of a bend or if you do it in straight line you can get a very violent bucking motion....

    I usually use dynamic mode which allows for wheelies to just below the balance point and some rear wheel slide, it has saved me from two potential high sides on the track and from one potential high side on the road when i hit some gravel

    Dynamic mode also taught me how to wheelie, repeated use has got me used to holding the bike up near balance point by using power only in 1st gear, this taught me good throttle control..........After being conditioned to this, i starting doing 2nd gear clutch ups in dynamic pro mode, now i can hold them for a decent distance, so traction control does help but it depends on the mode and how good it is, I think its a must on modern big bore bikes with lots of power, not so much on middle weight though
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  16. I have the same bike as Heli, it is seamless. It is also very effective, and never leaves you stranded for power. Full throttle will provide maximum wheel HP to the point of breaking traction or lifting the front.
    Nobody does ABS or TCS like BMW do.
  17. I thought about getting the newer 2015 s1000rr just for the newer generation electronics but my back said no more sports bikes
  18. Very effective! Got caught in the pouring rain on my bike, stuck it in wet mode, TCS and ABS went to max, The only way i knew it kicked in was the light on the dash. Saved me when I got stuck at a set of lights on a hill, and also when a car merged and didn't see me!
    I still don't trust the electronics completely, (So i dont rely on them) but they are very very good!
  19. I have not got TC but can only imagine it would be very helpful in the wet for any bike but with reasonably good tires & being sensitive to the bikes reaction you should be able to ride the bike reasonably easily in the wet without TC anyway. Is just a matter of hand/wrist management but takes time/experience to be sensitive to it, ride in a higher gear than normal to labour bike a bit & keep out of power zones. As plenty above have said choose what part of road you are travelling on to avoid slippery areas from car droppings etc.