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how easy it is to steal a motorbike.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by shady_knife, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. #1 shady_knife, Jan 29, 2010
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    fast forward to 3 minutes in. very gutsy. hope they got caught.
  2. It's always the blacks & hispanics, innit?
  3. Bloody thieves. Hope they are ready for whats will happen to them worse in the future.
  4. That just sucks...

    Apart from chaining the damn thing down, how do you combat that?
    Even with a steering lock on the front, and a disc lock on the back, the bastards can just pick it up and walk off.
    Especially with my bike...
  5. get a ninja!
  6. Vermin. Hope they cop the worst possible punishment they can get. Nothing you can do to stop that from happening short of bolting it to the ground.
  7. Yeah there is, don't leave your fekkin bike in brooklyn... sheesh.
  8. Solution is obvious: buy a goldwing :p
  9. if only there was a way to electrocute anybody that touched your bike...
  10. Wow. Dya recon they measured the bike and van beforehand, or dya recon the first guy was doing that shortly before they pinched it?
  11. I think that long pause may have been the passenger organizing the seats inside the van, pushing them back etc. :p just seemed like an impulse steal rather to me
  12. Yep, and whites, asians and middle easterns too. Actually, theives (like bigots) are usually disrespectful morons, of varying race and culture.
  13. They made it look so easy
  14. One thing to take heart from this, in Sydney at least, there will be a parking officer within one minute of that car pulling up giving a ticket :rofl: The problem is they'd probably give the ticket and then continue up the street.