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How easy is it to remove the fairing and other plastics

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by doxxus, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. from a zxr250? or even the cbr's?

    reason i ask is, we have a paintbooth at work, and i have found a nicely priced zxr, but i don't like the green kwaka scheme that's on it atm. i am going for my learners on thursday and if i pass i would probably go for this bike. is it easy to remove the fairings? that way i can paint it some sort of single colour and be able to actually put all the gear back onto the bike without too much trouble


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  3. Easy as piss.

    However, any resprayed bike drops in value because any buyer worth his salt would assume it's been smashed.

    I wouldn't bother. You're buying a kawasaki, go green.
  4. Yeah true, i just wanted to paint the whole thing a nice flat black so as not to stand out too much. I'm not one for too bright a colour. But i should probably get my learners before i think about inspecting a bike before i think about spraying it or not.
  5. Very simple, get your user manual get some tools, a cold drink and take the baby apart

  6. The fluro green colour may just save you from being run over by a (oops sorry I didn't see you) cage!
  7. +1, green kawa's are freaking hot, ninja turtle :D. plus if you get a green bike you can get away with a green helmet, don't ask me why but i love green.

    btw, the fairing are just screwed on, just unscrew it & your dun :D.
  8. Ignore the green lovers. I think some of the 90s kawa green colouring is total shat. If I had access to spraying facilities like you are, I'd get one with some cosmetic damage for cheap, take the fairings off and go NUTS with autosol metal polish on all the bike parts, then spray the fairings and put em back on.