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how d'ya pronounce your NR nick?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by emsie, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. A while ago I read a hilarious thread about someone who called Seany "Sceney" in their heads which got me thinking that some of the nicks on here are a little difficult to figure out so you don't thoroughly embarrass yourself the first time you realise who they are ;)

    So, this thread is "how do you pronounce your nick?" :)

    Me, I'm em-zee or em-see :)

    How d'you say yours? :)

  2. Just how it is written already :)
  3. The way I say mine is "Fa-noon-ge" :grin:
  4. I spell mine Seany, but it's pronounced with a silent 'k'. :)

    Sure Knee. :wink:
  5. I thought mine was pretty self explanatory, then had a closer look one day and realised it could be Cruising Al :LOL:

    Definitely Cruisin' Gal :wink:
  6. Just as it looks.......... with a silent F,Z and Q :LOL:
  7. Cat can Doo

    but Kat for the challenged
  8. Metric Rider.

    One of the kids around here used to put his tag on any surface that he could reach. Called himself 'FATAL'.

    He stopped after I asked him why he wanted to be known as 'FAT AL".
  9. the first part of my name is the easy bit, but the last is very confusing to some people, especially over the phone...........

    Jeff (silent underscore) :LOL: Kay ler.

    I chose this tag mistakenly when I first signed up (hit the wrong button and my email tag went in) but at least I have the balls to not hide behind a nickname :rofl:
  10. Ummm....

    Little help please?
  11. Scott a Tron

    Not, I repeat NOT Scott at ron.
  12. Inn See Ta Tuss
  13. ...and what does it mean?
  14. It was the favourite horse of Roman Emperor Caligula. He was so fond of it he made it a Senator. I feel that way about my bikes.. :grin:
  15. My nick is how my actual name is pronounced...

    After 24 years I'm a little sick of 'pear' 'pier' 'pie-ah' etc etc :p

    I won't even bother tryin to teach you my last name :roll:
  16. last names are a biatch.... everyone throws an N in mine that doesn't belong.
  17. :eek: I always think..'incactus'... :oops: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  18. Rayn = Rain.

    Because we either get too much or not enough.

    It's also an anagram of my first name.