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How dumb can they get?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by alexcbr2008, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. Hi people i thought i would start a post on how dumb some of the dealers can get.

    I just received a Harley Davidson which i am working on (detailing) which had just been serviced at Peter Stevens Dandenong. Believe it or not they put the front fender on backwards after a tyre change. The funny thing is they didn't need to take it of to replace the tyre in the first place.
    Funny how they charge $110 dollars and hour for crap service. Imagine if they were good at there servicing, they might start charging $300 per hour!

    All they seem to care about is how much profit there going to make. THATS IT. They don't care about anything else. Just there bottom line. Funny how they get so big yet treat there customer like crap.

    Please post any stories you may have. Lets see if they can get worse than that!
  2. Maybe it had been put on backwards in the first place by Peter Stevens on Elizabeth street & they were hoping you wouldn't notice? :wink:
  3. My vote would have to be EVOLUTION YAMAHA. Bunch of absolute wankers. Gave them an alarm to fit after 2 weeks they still couldnt fit the alarm and then blamed the manufacture saying didnt give clear instruction. Got another mobile alarm person to come and 1 hour later it was completely installed with no problems at all.

    but just to top it off go to the service department and ask for iridium plugs for the TLR which is a V-twin and the guys gives me four spark plugs. I kindly let him know its a V-twin and only takes 2... he then has the never to say i gave you four just incase you want 2 as spare??? WTF.
  4. Perhaps he thought you needed one for your cigarette lighter and starter-motor?
  5. First post and stinging Peter Stevens
    How about you introduce yourself first before you go off slagging them?
    (Not that they mostly deserve what they get)
  6. Sorry i didn't introduce myself first. My name is Alex and i ride a Honda CBR1000 08. I live in the south east suburbs of Melbourne. I work for myself after previously being employed by the best motorcycle shop in Victoria. Can you guessed who it was?
  7. Redwing??
  8. nothing can get worse than yours. so get a beer, and watch those boobs.
  9. +1000 for beer and boobs. :LOL:
  10. This thread is now going places
  11. Hmm... "Business and Service Providers" thread asking "how dumb can they get?" - I knew who you were talking about before I even clicked on it.

    Backwards fender is a new one. Seriously, it takes effort to stuff some of these things up, and Peter Stevens is willing to put in that effort.
  12. If PS didn't have to take the fender off to change the tyre, what makes
    you think that they were the ones who took it off and put it on backwards?
    Could have been like that for months/years...?
  13. Thats what i was just about to say!
  14. death by association. If its buggered up and been to ps its them who done it.

    you would at least think they woulda noticed and called to ask to fix it.