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How does one take off on a hill

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by mick No:8, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. Hi guys/gals how are we all?
    Just a quick question how do you take off up a hill talking about a 50-70 degree hill. I was visting my aunt at the Mercy hospital an was stuck at a red light that was on at a bottom of a massive hill there was not flat spot. I stall it first go, second time just rev the sh***t out of the CBR and off it short. Should I have use the back/front bake, where should my hands be clutch, throttle be etc.etc..? any help would be great as if there was on coming traffic I would have been in deep SH**T.

  2. Use your back brake like a hand brake in a car..

    It takes a bit of practice, you probably find you need to slip the clutch just for a second as you take your foot off the brake away you will go. Also depending on what size hill you're on as to how much revs you will need.
  3. Use the back brake so your right hand only needs to control the throttle,

    Use a bit more throttle than a flat start, ease out the clutch, as it takes up let the brake off and roll on the throttle,

    probably best to practice it on a quiet hill somewhere
  4. That was better explained.. I just know how to do it.. :LOL:
  5. I had to think a bit as well about how I did it :grin:
  6. pretty much the same as any other flat start... Rear break, friction point, accelarate till it starts taking off and ease out the clutch and the rear brake..
  7. Thanks for the quick reply :grin: :grin:
  8. they teach u this stuff when u do your bike L's ????
  9. :?

    Might want to study your protractor a bit more.. THIS is only a 45 deg slope.

    Anyhoo, as the others have said, it's a delicate dance between clutch, brake and accelerator. Practice on "not-so-steep" hills first. You'll get the hang of it. :wink:
  10. I did Q Ride, never got taught to do a hill start, just picked it up after I was fully licensed. Of course it helped that I've had a manual car license for 14 years! :wink:

    Just use the back brake, ease the clutch out, give it a bit more guts than usual, and off you go!! And take your time, set yourself and don't let the cars behind you make you rush - they were learners once too!
  11. Hey Mick,

    a massive near vertical hill or mountain will put a tremendous amount of strain
    on a 250cc CBR engine, not forgetting the very high likelihood of you burning
    out your clutch in the process

    One of these lil portable bewdies can make all the difference & save you $$$
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  12. now now MG ... no need to take the piss out of a newbie [-X
    I had the same problem when I started riding so I bought the same winch ( I think it was you that suggested I do so )

    Mick ... If you are interested I have a used 250cc Motorcycle 12 V 70 Degree Portable Electric Winch which I can sell to you for $71.99 :rofl:
  13. if i cant get up a hill i usally cry and call my daddy to come and ride it up for me :(
  14. They don't teach you how take off on a hill when going for your L's. If I know this was going to happen I would taken another route but as it was my first time on that road. The hill was not 45 degree it was about 50-70 degress. If anyone live in Melbourne and around northern area you can go and check the hill out. It's only a short climb but it's end in a sharp left turn (with lights). So you can't roll you bike up it, if your unlucky and get a red light, good Luck. Yes I'm a neb just got my L's four weeks ago. So thank for all your Help :grin: :grin:
  15. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    F*ckin wet myself AGAIN :LOL:

  16. Dude seriously...There is NO WAY IN HELL that its 70degrees!!!! I dont even have to see it to know its not 70 degrees! Id bet my left nut!!! :LOL:
  17. The zero on his keyboard is jammed bud. He meant to say 7 degrees. [​IMG]

    [​IMG] Hey Micky

    FYI only..

    Photo: ATV on 70 degree incline