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How does one join a bikie gang?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Camel Salesman, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. Curious those who know fella's wearing a patch what is it like?

    I also heard that if you have any type of patch for example netrider logo stiched to your jacket you have to ask the local gangs for permission before you can display the patch, even if you ain't into crime?

    intruiging none the less.
  2. The only issue is if you want to use rockers around your back patch. Otherwise you can stitch crap on your jackets all you want. Joining a patch club is not something one undertakes lightly, they take membership (and most other things) extremely seriously. For some clubs at least, you become a social member after getting to know some of the guys for a while, and then you might become a 'nominee' which means you're being assessed for full membership, which can take a year or more, and then you might become a full member.

    Either way, this is not the place to ask. Google OzBiker and ask there. For your own sake, do it with respect. And be aware that you don't make friends on japanese sportsbikes in those circles.
  3. Please do not refer OMC's as as 'gangs' or the members as 'gang members'.

    They are clubs and club members. The MC stands for Motorcycle Club. The majority of OMC's in Australia are actually incorporated bodies.

    Just because a person is a member of an OMC doesn't make them a criminal. Don't fall for the Government and Police propaganda that OMC's are criminal organisations. It is true that some individual members are criminals, but the OMC's don't exist for the express purpose of committing crime.

    It can take as long as 3 or more years to be invited to become a full member of a 1% club, you do not apply for membership. Most people never progress any futher than being an 'associate' or friend of the club.

    The dedication that is required to be a member of an OMC is simply astonishing. It's certainly not for the faint hearted. Firstly, you must attend ALL club events, you must keep your bike in working order. Most clubs, traditionally, specify the minimum number of KM's you must ride in a year to maintain your membership. The list goes on.

    The only other organisation that I know of that requires the same level of dedication, loyalty, self sacriface and organisational discipline is the ADF. Which is one of the reasons why many ex ADF members are drawn to the OMC's.

    As Loz said, here is not the place to be asking about the ins and outs of OMC membership. And, if you do approach them, do it with the utmost respect.
  4. Why do you people insist on feeding this troll????????????
  5. Because it does that sad, hungry look like puppies do. It's too hard to say no to that face.
  6. Because despite his retardation he is one of the most entertaining trolls on the internet!!! :rofl:

    Camel is that guy everybody loves to hate.

    His posts are just too ludacris to take seriously so its obvious trolling but man is his trolling entertaining!

    Oh and +1 to supporting our 1 per centers.
  7. My appologies for feeding the troll, I'm new here and I'm still sorting out who is who in the Zoo.

    Besides, there is fun to be had .
  8. camel, what u do is, go to a clubhouse when they have 1 of their meetings on, find the biggest bloke there and king hit him, they will make u president straight away

    let us know how it went
  9. camel you need a new nickname to effectively troll again.

    Unfortunately you're too famous here to pull it off. Even if you just change your nick on the same account, it could work to create some entertainment.
  10. Sir thank you for your insightful reply. I appreciate this very much. I would like to direct my next series of questions to you if you don't mind.

    I would like you to explain further the dedication required, at the moment I am not sure exactly what you mean by this. Also self-sacrifice are we talking tattoo's?

    I understand you have no obligation to respond to this message but I would appreciate it a lot.
  11. Hilarious.
  12. Camel Salesman, drop into any patch group and just be your self,
    Then you will find out first hand, wish you luck.

  13. he did paul

  14. You'll need some American Iron first.

    Nit picking slightly, perhaps, but does the "O" in OMC not stand for Outlaw?
  15. Bike Gangs are sick of the perception that they are into crime. That's what the fellow who was trying to sell me a brick was saying anyway.
  16. If you have to ask...
  17. This is a (serious) thread please be sensible.

    What you mean group like pub? How do I figure which pub these gangs hang out?

    I am also intrigued about the security they have at their club houses, is this to protect their liquor?
  18. yes yes, please respect "outlaw motorcycle gangs".

    no, none of them are into crime.

    poker runs are for a good cause.

    they dont beat other club members to death at sydney airport either......

    i shouldn't feed the trolls but hey....

    and clive small's recent book is a good read.

    but perhaps to the original poster, you could try and join notorious, apparently they are called a bikie gang but dont own any bikes or ride even....
  19. Best line in the thread!
    b12mick just about summed it up.

    Personally I know a few patched members and have found them to be among the straightest most honorable people around. Then again I always treat them and thier clubs with respect. I've attended several social nights some open and some by invitation and i have to say I've never felt safer than I did there.
    I'd guarantee no feral 18 yo is going to glass me in a clubhouse! Can't say that about the local pub where we have 2-3 incidents a week!

    This B/S about "criminals" is just that.
    Like any cross section of society there are a percentage who are into criminal activity. Thats life.
    But as a general rule, most club members are just ordinary blokes who like a beer and a ride.

  20. except notorious, who drink water and have no bikes :)