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NSW How Does Losing Points On My Bike Affect My Drivers Licence?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Justin Stacks, Nov 9, 2012.

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  1. Apologies if this has been asked in the past, but I always get different answers and this is very confusing in the riders manual.

    I understand if you lose any points on your Ls, your riders license gets suspended.

    I have an unrestricted drivers license. Does this mean I can still drive my car, or is that suspended too?
  2. You don't have a riders licence. You have one licence, with certification for both car and bike (with restrictions).
    Basically lose one, lose them all.
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  3. Not sure if you are right there JD, Yes true if you are on P plates then you have a single license. Ls are a permit not a license so I think they are treated separately.
  4. If you lose you bike licence,you can still drive a car.
  5. Not here in Vic Blabbus, as JD said you have one license and an endorsement for motorcycles. A common point system, lose one you lose both. Maybe different in that middle Aus state.
  6. I lost the lot last year for 8 months, In Vic, car licence was unblemished.
    Could not even drive on a hardship application, No licence, No work,

    Lose one, lose the lot, Your walking, Period,
  7. Do some research.
    Losing 1 point does not lose a full car licence-it does lose a L for bikes.
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  8. Ok, I think there is a difference in semantics here and an element of fact in everybody's post. To the OP to try and clarify.

    Scenario 1: Full Car License, Zero Demerit Points, Learners bike permit. Get charged with an offense attracting one point you would lose bike permit but not car license.

    Scenario 2: Had your full license for a while and have 11 points already accrued. Get your Bike Learners permit. Charged with an extra single point or more offense you would lose bike permit and car license.
  9. I did, and the SA Government website clearly states that it's 4 demerit points to lose your L's - not 1.
  10. Next step---purchase Lycra.
  11. Oh and +1 to what Cazzo said.
    I'd forgotten that they'd reduced the number of demerit points you're allowed on you learners permit (pretty sure it was still the full 12 when I had mine ;)).

    Of course if you lose your l's as a result of a one-off incident requiring a court appearance - then anything is possible (so best not to try testing out the maximum speed of your LAMs bike somewhere obvious).

  12. My current driver's license: C, R LRN
    (So unrestricted licence for a car, and Learner's Permit for bike)

    My State: NSW

    I have zero points since I have never had an offense. On an unrestricted licence, I understand I can accumulate 13 points before having licence suspended.

    On a Learner's permit, once you have accumulated 4 points, your licence get suspended.

    Hypothetical scenario: I get busted for (insert offence here) on my bike and have accumulated 4 points.

    Can I still drive my car or does having my L's for my bike suspended mean that I'm also screwed for driving my car (which really would not make sense since I still should have 9 points to accumulate before anything were to happen if I was driving)?
  13. As you can see from the above discussion it is an area that is confused. I would say that judicial fairness would see you keep the car license and lose the bike permit.

    It may be worth a question in writing to your state authority rather than by phone. That forces them to reply in writing.
  14. It's only "confused" because of people who post what they think, rather than having half a clue what they're talking about.

    In this scenario you would still be allowed to drive, because you're correct: you still have 9 points on your license.
    Furthermore, if you attracted a 4-point demerit in your car, you would still be allowed to ride.
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  15. Your points go all the way across your petrol powered toys...bike, boat, car even a plane.
    You lose your L's or P's on a motorcycle but can keep the car or visa versa if there are enough points remaining and you have not recorded a conviction... drink driving or what eva.
  16. This is what the legislation says for NSW:


    Suspension or cancellation of licence
    17B Suspension or cancellation of licence

    (1) The Authority may give a notice of licence suspension or cancellation to the holder of a learner licence or a provisional licence who incurs the threshold number of demerit points within the 3 year period ending on the day on which the person last committed an offence for which demerit points have been recorded against the person.
    (2) A notice of licence suspension must specify the date on which the suspension is to take effect and any driver licence to which the notice applies, and must contain any other matters specified by the regulations. The date specified must not be earlier than 28 days after the notice is given.
    (3) If a person is served with a notice of licence suspension under this section, all driver licences held by the person in relation to which the threshold number of demerit points is the same or lower than the number of demerit points taken into account for the purposes of the notice, are suspended on and from the date, and for the period, specified in the notice.
    So, as the threshold for the car licence is 13(?) points in NSW, and you commit an offence which bring you up to 4 demerit points for a Learner's licence, you will lose your L licence but not a full car licence. My reading of the section is that at the time of obtaining a R LNR licence you already had 3 demerit points, a loss of 1 further point will result in loss of your R LNR licence. As was already mentioned, a person will lose a R LNR licence if that person's record accumulates 4 demerit points regardless of the class of vehicle driven at the time of the offence.
    Interestingly, my understanding of the next section, 17C, is that if a person already has the threshold number of points on the licence, the authority may refuse to grant that person a leaners permit. Has anyone here been awarded with a notice of licence ineligibility?
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  17. My post was a piss take,then horribly I realised I might be right.
    Oh the horror.
  18. This gets asked and answered often.
    Easiest way to check is to go to and log into myRTA then check the points on your licenses. It will list your licenses and you'll see it spelled out clearly for you. I can't recall the exact wording but it will basically say that if you get 4 points for infringements while using your L's you will lose that license. If you get 13 in total you will lose the car license too. So, you'll only lose the L but will be left with 9 on your car license.
    Log into myRTA and check your license yourself.
  19. Guys. Quick clarification of something...

    You start with zero points and then you GAIN them. You don't LOSE them.
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  20. Opppsss.

    Never mind
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