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How does it make you feel ?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by sharkuss, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. Have been noticing these headlines over the past few days about an attractive young model who's succumbed to a rather painful tragedy.


    I was suddenly brought to ponder at why I felt this was indeed a tragedy, and how deeply sad I felt for this young girl. Yet it struck me as odd that i'd associate such a stronger emotion for a person that was as beautiful as she, but would I feel the same for Ms Average walking down the street if the same were to occur ?

    I see 3 things that I associate to this and they all revolve around her "beauty" instead of (perhaps as it should do) the substance of her as a person.

    1. Young, attractive
    2. Model with certainly favourable model looks
    3. 1 & 2 combined to give her the chance of great success in life

    So I ask all you lot to ponder this too, is it that we're programmed by whatever means to care more for the "beautiful people" in this world so as when disaster strikes it means that much more ? Does this story matter more because the young girl is a modelling beauty with the distinct possibility to have her looks carry her global ? Are we becoming shallower by the minute that we favour the human asthetic over personality and relationships ?

    Discuss !

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  2. well the fact that it made news headlines speaks volumes....

    pop culture has poked fun at this plenty of times. i remember in one of the "Scary Movies" one of the character rings the cops and says "hello officer, white woman in trouble!" and the cops show up in seconds.

    funny and true. as a species we, particularly guys, are predisposed to care for women. i guess beauty has always been a bonus too
  3. We're all running Human 1.0, and are in need of a serious firmware upgrade.
  4. Just make sure you get the Firmware, and not the software upgrade
  5. yeah sharkuss I agree with you - being good looking makes something like this more newsworthy.

    I feel sorry for the girl of course, but there are human tragedys which happen every day which dont make the news.

    recently there was one about a miss world contestant mixed up with drug dealers. Again, plenty of people mixed up with drug dealers, but only the hotties make it newsworthy...
  6. Interesting typo in your thread title, given the subject - Hoe does it make you feel?

  7. I just read that and thought the same thing; you might like to edit it, eh :wink:???
  8. not true because i need to change my floppy drive to a hard drive :shock:
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  10. Whilst nobody can deny we live in the age of Media Manipulation and spin is king, has it gotten so prolific now as to give us all a sense of loss (either large or small) when we see such stories ? When I read about the young anorexic girl I was a little more blase' to her plight and more questioning of the need to report it. Guess they wouldn't run stories like that unless there was a market associated to it perhaps ?
  11. It's not about her beauty, it about her "potential" in life. If she was attrractive, but an idiot loser drug addict, you wouldn't care as much, if she was an unattractive girl with masses of potential and drive in life, you would however feel the same sense of remorse.

    It is the loss of "what may have been" for this girl. Not about her beauty.