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how does bolwell red devil rate against other 50cc?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by shelbytsv, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. hi. im bout to buy a 50cc scooter (only have car licence and not interested in getting motorbike licence...yet). im leaning toward red devil....any opinions?

  2. In Vic you need a bike license to ride a scooter, is this not the case in other states?
  3. :LOL: have fun riding around the washing line in the backyard. and my opinion is that if your satisfied with 50cc then make it a victa so you can cut mums lawn while your at it.
  4. in qld you just need a car license for 50cc....

    thanks for your help....yes i know in the world of bikes...scooters suck...but im looking for cheap.....
  5. i liked the idea of the red devil as i was told it could go over 65....
  6. yes it can sure go over 65 and in fact you can go even faster if you put a 70cc kit in it. They are actually pretty good. I was going to get one before I found the Peugeot Blaster.

    The Red Devil can go for $2600 if it's a demo with say 300km on the clock. Bargain if you ask me.

    Gypsie is probably the next closest thing. So is the TGB Voodoo if you are tall enough for it.
  7. ok cool! i think i should be able to get it 4 about 2300 new - with rego so i think ill def go with that one.....

    im not too keen on adding stuff to it as in the case of an accident any insurance becomes void...plus cops could fine me for driving a vehicle im not licensed for. i was just wanting to stretch it.....
  8. I reckon the red devil is a nice scoot. I have a jolie and I would have definitely bought the red devil instead (wasnt out at the time). It goes better than say the honda 50 as thats a 4 stroke. Its biggish for a 50 too which is good.
  9. do you know much about the yamaha aerox 50? i just read somewhere that it too can go well above 60km without mods
  10. It depends what you mean by "without mods" because without ANY mods all 50cc scooters will only do 60km/hr because they are restricted as a licensing requirement. Any scooters that do more have been de-restricted. If you are concerned about your license and the cops as you mentioned earlier then you wont be getting yours de-restricted and therefore will be stuck to 60k's.

    Keep in mind that almost all 50cc scooters are de-restricted by owners soon after purchase if not at the time of purchase, and the chances of getting busted for it are very small because you cant actually tell just by looking at it that it has been de-restricted, so the cops wouldn't be able to tell at a roadside inspection anyway.
  11. oh ok cool! that helps alot....totally new to this whole scooter world....
  12. Yeah look, if i were you i'd just assume you will get it de-restricted.

    I have a couple of scooters, one of which is a Beneli 491RR 50cc. Its de-restricted and will pull up to 80km/hr on a flat bit of road. I have a bit of a preference for the italian bikes, but thats just me. The Peugeot Ludix Blaster is a real hoot too and people have got a de-restricted one up to 90km/hr before so a little bit of speed is possible from the little 50cc scoots.

    As a general rule, the scooters (de-restircted ones) that go faster are the higher spec ones and usually the european ones. They do cost more but they will be liquid cooled and have front and rear disk breaks etc etc which all costs more, but i think you get what you pay for.

    In terms of the "cheaper" ones, there are lots of good reports about the Bolwell ones.

    Grab yourself a copy of 'Scooter' mag and read some reviews. Try to get a copy of the last issue as there was a review of some 50cc scooters. There is also a price guide in the back for all scooter in OZ.
  13. just talked to the dealer. the second hand one thats 2300 (its 6mths old with 1200kms on it) is already de-restricted and the brand new ones for 2990 turns out that they all came derestricted....
    so now its just the decision of which to go for.....
  14. and just to be a pain....

    what would you do? go the old or fork out extra for new
  15. i got a vmoto monza 50cc paid 2000$ was the demo model did a few laps round the block,

    at 1200km its probably only gone thru 10 tanks of petrol so consider it virtually new.. it should of been serviced at 500/1000km. so should be in good condition. take it for a ride and see how it feels.
  16. Heya and welcome to the site.

    I had a look at the red devil myself but didn't like the dash. Personal taste. If your fine with it, the devil's are a decent scoot, anything bolwell is about as good as the korean/chinese/etc stuff gets.

    Oh, and don't mind the neanderthal's that wander in here and dribble in these forums from time to time.
    Your quite welcome to throw some "Ess Hach I Tee" at them, just avoid throwing it at their heads, as they won't notice it hitting them there.

    In the world of two wheels, scooters don't suck as much as the vacumn in the heads of sport biker riders. It helps them keep their helmuts on you see.

    (poke, prod, suck!! Hey, gimme my stick back! ) :twisted:
  17. yeah 1200k's is nothing, hardly run in :p

    i'd go in and say to them "look i can give you $2,000 cash today, cause i've gotta buy some gear (helmet, jacket, gloves) as well, which i'll buy from you if you can do the scoot for 2g's" and see what they say.
    couldnt hurt to give it a go???
  18. thats sadly the lowest the dealer would go. 2300 includes free helmet and rego...so i guess its not too bad of a deal.....
    im really leaning to just getting the second hand one. its 700 dollars cheaper....
  19. but since they wont drop it any lower ill pay with card - may as well get the flyer points :)
  20. your right, $700 is $700 and thats well worth saving for sure :)

    check with them re the card, i tried that one and they wanted to add on the whole surcharge thingy, bastards :grin:

    They other good thing is that its only 6months old so will still have a good 6 months of warranty left.