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How does an R6 ride?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Harpoon, Apr 3, 2015.

  1. I'm thinking of selling my Honda cbr600rr. I still like the idea of having a 600 sports bike. I like the looks the feel when I ride, and simply like being able to see it in my garage. I've previously owned a zx6r, and even my 250 was the sports styling.

    I have been looking at the Yamaha r6. My budget could see me on a 2008/9 model if I go by the prices on Bikesales. However, I haven't had an opportunity to ride or compare. There is also the Suzuki gsxr, but the specs are pretty similar to that of my Honda. The r6 appears to be a little bigger, which appeals

    Are there any r6 riders who could give an honest opinion on their bike? If all the 600's are very similar, I could just wait and go for a newer model, but I don't particularly like the new cbrrr design. So, anyone who can provide comparisons would be good........or should I look at a 'naked' for a change?
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  2. Mate, have a think about where this question should be placed to gain maximum effect and comply with the site guidelines. The Welcome Lounge isn't it. i'll move it for you this time.
  3. That McSenna's such a considerate bloke.
  4. Why not just go and test ride the bikes? It will answer your question better than anyone on here could convey in words, because your question is damn vague.
  5. I rode a 05 r6 and thought it sucked. No power below 7 grand , very awkward and uncomfortable riding position. Forever changing down gears to get the engine in its power band. For a street bike it's the worst I've ever ridden.
    Give me a z1000 any day of the week.
  6. R6 is probably the best looking from that vintage. Apart from the looks why are you wanting to jump sell one supersport and buy another? What year is your cbr?
  7. The CBR is a 2007. Bought it last year but it simply doesn't inspire for some reason (but nice to look at). Feels a bit small. My old zx6r was old, but felt more alive. I have thought about a bigger engine bike, e.g. z1000, but comparisons by riders seem to suggest it is a little more about cruising than sporting. Not that it isn't sporty.

    I would like to test ride some bikes, but the insurance issues for some dealers makes it too risky. I don't ride or drive without some sort of insurance, and many of the dealers etc are just not covered anymore
  8. Stop thinking about a bigger engine bike and go ride a z1000 mate. So much easier to ride for a street bike. After owning a z1000 and getting used to the low down grunt and instant power no matter what gear u are in I got back on a 600 and hated it. I found u have to either ride around in a low gear with it reving it's nuts off so u have power when u need it or get ready to bang it down a few gears when you want power. Just too much work for me IMHO.
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  9. Go and test one. Or skip the foreplay and just buy a 675.
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  10. give a 750 a go its not a 600 or a thousand
  11. The R6 will have a bit less midrange power than your cbr and a bit more up top, so that'd make it a worse bike on the road IMO. It's also heavier
  12. Yep. GSXR750 or Daytona 675. Good bikes. Linear power without that claw the sky 1000cc power. The 750 is still the best mid size bike. Well that is unless you want to buy an MV F3 800, but I dont think you'll enjoy the riding position.
  13. Just out of curiosity, what is it that you like about 600cc super-sport bikes? Besides looks. Do you go to the track? Have you ever ridden a "street bike"?
  14. Ill be blunt, those model R6's are absolute shite for a road bike, they are race bikes pure and simple!
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  15. Have to admit that the sports bike looks are a big thing. I've ridden once at Phillip Island (Super bike school), and loved/hated every minute. Loved the riding, but hated that I struggled to overcome the dreaded brake-grab at fast corners. It was fantastic following the trainers coz then you can motor without thinking.

    The 750 has been an option, and, no, I haven't ridden a street bike. My first bike was a trail bike and had lots of fun for a year and a half. I have ridden an 02 VFR and wasn't impressed. Found it a tad boring even if it is a good model

    Any suggestions on the best way to get the test rides. Is there a way of insuring myself temporarily? I am rather risk averse (for other people)/
  16. I mean do you intend on taking these bikes to the track a lot? Because I think that's the only place they'll shine, unless you're willing to lose your licence every time you ride. If you mostly do street riding you should check out something different. Don't worry about the looks, it's all about the ride.

    As for test rides, just go to a dealer. If you crash it then you pay them $5,000 or buy the bike. I think that's the risk we all take.
  17. Given you don't own the bike when you're test riding, the trick is to ride accordingly.
  18. There appears to have been some changes in the way insurers deal with dealers. A couple of dealers near me do not have any cover, which means you not only could have to pay for the bike, but any other damage you do e.g. hit a Mercedes.. I could deal with just the excess as a risk i.e. $5000, but I have always had at least third pary property when driving/riding to cover the possiblity of a really big expense.

    I doubt I will be taking the bike to a track, so a 750 would be a possible option. My friend had a Street Triple, which he loved, until the electrics became unreliable. Lovely looking bike, but unfortunately I didn't get a chance to ride it. It supposedly had more low-down torque.
  19. The street triple is a great street bike and you don't have to be doing double the speed limit to have fun on it. I'd recommend trying it and other similar bikes. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

    I can't remember what the insurance on my last test ride covered, I didn't really read the fine print to be honest, it would probably only make me more nervous to ride the bike. Just be really careful, it can't be that hard to avoid hitting into a Mercedes.
  20. That's because it can't even do double the speed limit.

    R6 top out at 270kmh which is double the 130kmh the highest limit in oz

    God made fairings for a reason. Naked bikes are old technology. Best to keep up.