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How does a bike get towed

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rhinotr2000, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. Hi all I could not find anything on the search about getting towed or towing. In Brisbane there has been an overzealouse towing company towing peoples cars and trucks left right and center. I know how towing works on cars since it has 4 wells it can be dragged out but what about bikes?

    I mean with steering lock and disc lock how does a towing company tow your bike away without TIPPING it over and causing thousand of dollars of damages to it. You can't exactly push it out since steering lock is on it and disc lock prevent of rolling.

    I seen Crashed bike getting towed they usually have the key so steering lock is not active.
  2. same principal i guess put one of those blocks with wheels under the front tyre and suddenly it becomes manouverable.
  3. Probably just lift it onto a truck.
  4. My car only has one well, which only has water in it when it rains.
  5. Bingo!
  6. um, wouldn't that be an OH&S issue?
  7. My mate has a tow truck specifically for Motor bikes, he can lift the bike onto the truck with crane,
    He causes no damage to the bike what so ever,
    He brought my Bird home when I had it repaired early this year,
    He has ties that are designed specifically for bikes.
    And its so easy peasy,
  8. Only if you try & do it by yourself.
  9. Bikes on a crash truck are done with bike straps, its called a all up lift. Easy when you know how.
  10. Haha.. could attach wheels to my bike jack and it would suddenly allow me to move the bike.. Somewhat dangerously. probably a two person job.

    But myself and one of my mates could lift the darn bike up and carry it..

    Probably two mates for a litre-bike