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How do you wish to die?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Scrambles, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. I would like to go out in a stareing contest gone wrong, or walking into a room covered in yoyo's, Vanilla Ice posters and a TV that only plays 90's saturday morning TV and expiring from nostolgia.

  2. You want a theological answer or a hypothetical one, Mr C.???? :LOL:
  3. Of old age, in my sleep, after a long and happy life (35 and happy, so almost half way there :grin: ), lots of adventures with my husband and kids under my belt ... maybe in some Qld beachfront retirement village where hubby and I (either due to physical necessity or complaints from our neighbours due to noise/damage :p ) have had to swap our bikes for those big motorised wheelchairs with the orange flags ... which we've raced each other on down the footpath (no doubt causing havoc for pedestrians!) to Maccas every Sunday morning for our hotcakes breakfast and free coffee refills.


    Happy with that.
  4. I'm accepting both so long as they make me laugh...and Mr P you the number one guy for that! Have at me.
  5. Well, let's see......

    Young enough still to have all my senses
    Old enough to have exercised them all to their fullest.

    Old enough to have visited all the places I want to visit
    Young enough to be able to remember where they were.

    Old enough to have ridden all the great roads I haven't ridden yet
    Young enough still to be looking for one more.

    Old enough still to be posting on Netrider
    Young enough to know when to stop if it's just drivel. {yeah, I know, sometime round March '05 :LOL:.}

    But, of course, the Bible tells me that one generation of people living on this earth will NOT die, but be taken to heaven alive when Jesus returns, and who knows, it might be THIS generation, in which case, IGNORE THE ABOVE :LOL: :LOL:.
  6. G'day everyone,.............

    Well I already know how I am going to die,.............

    It will be on my 140th birthday,.......it will on my honeymoon with my 8th wife on our wedding night.
    As my 28 year old bride is being rocked by her 7th concecutive orgasim,........
    That will be the momment I lose control of the plane!!

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Dr Who?
  7. drown
    explosion via suicide bomber
    in my sleep (can a person wake up dead?)
  8. I'm checking out at 86 and I'll die rooting :grin:
  9. I want to die belatedly.
  10. I want to die a rich man who has someone do everything for him at the click of his fingers. So I guess I'II just get that dude to die for me too!

    I'm thinking Highlander style in the end :grin:
  11. Dipped in honey and thrown to lesbians.
  12. QUICKLY!!!!
  13. Fast and spectacular.

    I don't even want to realise that it has happened.

    Wake up dead and have a beer with Jesus.
  14. I would love to be able to cark it on one of those massive religious hype fests, you know the ones that heal people in front of a mega crowd and are broadcast live so people at home can give their last penny to, as soon as the chief shyster touches your head whilst thousands are chanting and writing cheques - you expire.
  15. +1.

    what do they say? i dont want to go quietly into the grave, but slide sideways in screaming whoa what a ride.. or something like..
  16. i dont know when but i know how i wanna die, its going to be at speed week in the states riding some stupidly quick bike to finally beat that old fella from nz's record for fastest bike under 1000cc, the moment i pass the required speed bike is going to blow my sky high landsing on a sun chair surronded by half naked honeys serving my drinks at the pearly gates :LOL:
  17. I just want to die happy, loved and laughing :LOL: :grin: so far,so good :grin:

    Very interesting thread title Scrambles :applause:
  18. I don't care which way I step off the planet, cause I know I will be back ..

    I've still got a few lives to live yet ..

    Just hope the phark'n pollies leave me a planet to come back too :(
  19. as long as i don't get shot while taking a crap i'll be happy.
  20. Er, I don't.. :p