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How do you warn other motorcyclists of police?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by thecptn, Nov 25, 2005.

  1. Now with cager's it's the ole flash your highbeams like its going out of style, but on the bike? the difference between high and low on my virago is like pointing a flashlight at the sun, any hand signals you can use or what not?

  2. the ol flash the lights works ..... and works even better when you have an old bike like mine that has an off switch for the lights
  3. ah yes, you see, I forgot to mention, the lights are on by default, and good ole highbeam is hardly brighter than normal. :?
  4. yeah i know ... that makes it haed ... not sure what people do these days ... i know from years ago .. most other sport riders would take their hand off the throttle as they got close as to be seen and wave their hand in a downward movment ... i knbow if i seen that id back off ..... but thats just me
  5. The "proper" signal is tapping the top of your helmet with the palm of your hand, though I think most riders would just give you a strange look.

  6. You can wave ya hand in a downward movement ( like you trying to pat the ground )

    I prefer to use my index finger, raise it above my helmet and make a circular motion , to indicate a flashing light ( ie : like the coloured ones seen on erm.... emergency vehices ).

    Cheers ratty

  7. I do the same as Ratty . Never realised what it must look like tho . Oh well , they either get what im trying to tell them or they get booked :LOL:
  8. Yup that's what I do and they all seem to understand what I am saying because they do the thumbs up at me :)

    I have a friend who raises his left arm up....as well

    As for the lights I can never be sure that they just didnt go over a bump or something...


  9. yeah tapping the top of your helmet with the palm with one hand and the other hand doing circular motion on stomach...while stand on your seat... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. For Harleys, just look straight ahead.
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    No, I didn't mean it. :p
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  13. i thought the hand signals above the head ment ...look at me ...... ima d***head
  14. Either the twirly finger or the pat-pat signal seem to be understood by everyone around my way.
    Highbeams no good on bikes, often not much brighter and bikes lights can tend to look like they are flashing a bit as they go over bumps anyway.
    I flash at cars though, twirly finger would probably offend them and they would run me down :LOL:

    If your leading a group ride its a good idea to raise your arm up when rapidly adjusting to the speed limit, avoids potential pileups.

    One issue is how far should you warn people.
    In high traffic areas I will just signal for a few hundred meters. But on a deserted road where I might be the only bike they pass for a few k's until "the devil" I try to give a little signal to be carefull, especially when the cop is in a real good hiding spot, its better for them to beware and on the lookout even though its annoying to go slow for too far.
  15. yes very true ..... least with the pat down signal cars drivers seem to understand that too
  16. I use the 'pat down' method and then try to point back useing my thumb across my body indicating from where I came with my left hand.

    I am saying slow down there is something back there. Most riders nod acknowledgement.
  17. I was on the gorge road a while ago and several riders on sports bikes all did the patting motion. (moving a hand in a downward motion next to their bike)

    Even though I was new to biking then, I knew what they meant. SLOW DOWN!

    Several Ks further on, sure enough, Mr Plod. Then another 2 in the following 10Ks.


    As for patting the top of the helmet:
    I've been water skiing a few times and have always been told to pat my head if I wanted to stop or go home. The pat on top of the helmet I use for basically telling my riding partners I need to stop for some reason. Or them, to me.
  18. Twirly finger above helmet to signify flashy revolving lights seems to work for mostly everyone I know and is a method we use. Patting down does tend to make me slow down, but I tend to think of road hazard or accident ahead when someone approaching does that and expect general horridness around the next corner....
  19. flash of the headlights works a treat on the r6 - the rhs of the light assembly only comes on for high beam, you can't miss it. I'll take my one demerit point to court if any copper tries to book me too.
  20. Tap Your Helmet, or Equivalents

    A few months ago a rider coming over a crest gave me this signal, in Colorado.
    At first i thought she was making fun of me for wearing a helmet,
    (felt like i was the only person in the state wearing a helmet)!
    As i went over the crest i noticed the approaching police car and quickly caught on.

    I believe this signal has some advantages over the alternatives;
    - it is very distinct and could be seen from a great distance
    - waving your finger in a circular motion; could be interpreted as turn-around, or do a u-turn.
    - waving downward; although it clearly means slow down, slow down for what?

    Well at least anyone reading this thread will be aware of all the variations. :D 8)