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How do you tell time on your bike?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by VCM, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. I apoligise if this has been asked before ( I've searched the forums to no avail ). I have often wanted to know the time when riding .. too risky trying to ride with no hands whilst trying to move a glove out the way to see my watch. :shock:
    So How do you guys do it ? Do you have an old watch velcroed to your headstem?? Are there waterproof clocks for bikes?

  2. I look at the clock on the dash. :p

    Seriously, though, before I got a bike with a clock, I'd just guess it, or pull over to check if I REALLY needed to know what time it was.

  3. Yes HERE
  4. Before I got the bike with it on the dash, I bought a $5 thing and attached it kinda loosely. Turned out to be waterproof, and I didn't care if it got stolen :grin:

    (the blue thing on the right)
  5. I've got a laptimer. What other time do you need to know? :p
  6. The time I put you to bed, bub. :p
  7. I like not knowing.

    Its been shown that people who don't wear watches are more relaxed than those who do.

    And you've seen what people do in traffic when they are running late etc.
    I don't want to be one of those people.

    I prefer to ride my ride the way the conditions dictate, not the clock.
  8. It's nice to know if it's school zone (reduced speed limit) time.
  9. We all know you use a sundial Gramps.
  10. Nice, but, why not go direct to the Australian Seller for that product.
    Contact Robyn from clockabout, (top banner) and she will look after you ;)
  11. In the words of the almighty Zaphod Bebblebrox, "Time is an illusion, lunch time doubly so!"

    Also have a clock on the dash!

  12. I like knowing the time so I can gauge how long it takes me to get places, and not just the destination. Which is really good on seeing how long particular roads take so you can choose better roads =D

    The clockabout people were at the motor expo in melbourne and they had some really nice stuff =D
  13. got used to it. as there is little to none effect of traffic jam when riding, it's easy to predict the time spent
  14. yeah but some ways have more traffic lights that are timed against you etc
  15. i actually have a hand held gps which i can attach to my bike, also has a clock on it, love it
  16. Having a clock on the dash of a bike is on the list of criteria when I buy a bike (yes seriously) :oops:
  17. I don't have a clock on the bike or own a watch so wherever I ride, the first thing I do when I pull up is check my mob phone for the time.

    With commuting (2hr one way trip) it can be kinda fun not knowing the exact time - I always like arriving at uni and checking the watch to see if I'm late or early. Usually late, but the last couple of weeks I was getting there right on 9am and sometimes I even had time to go grab a coffee before class. :)

    When touring I couldn't care less what time it is. :)
  18. I just use my watch, bit tougher with my dry rider but if I stretch my arm out it works

    Though this doesnt work so well at night
  19. I installed a Huffy 13 function bike computer on mine. Mainly did it for the clock function but it also works as a speedo, odo, trip meter, timer, maximum and average speed etc.
    I only have clock working at the moment, installing the sender this weekend. Pack says max speed is 350km/h (damned fast for a pushy) but the display only appears to have 2 characters so 99 may be max. It is a wireless unit and only cost about $40.