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How do you sell a bike in 7 days?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by IseeGreen, Oct 17, 2016.

  1. So I live overseas now but have a MT07 still in oz just gathering dust in storage. I need to sell it but will only be in oz for about 1 week. So advertising it and hoping to sell it in that week is a bit of a gamble as if it doesn't sell then it's gonna be gathering dust for another year.
    There must be a sure way to sell it. Are there any dealers or anything (victoria) that will buy good bikes?
    Or some sort of agent or something that can sell it on my behalf on my absence?

  2. List it cheap....
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  3. Put it up a few days before you come here to maximise time. Otherwise, got a mate or family member that could sell it for you?

    Depending on condition, I'll give you $2.1 grand ;)
  4. i think if you appoint the young lady, who is sitting on the bike, to be your agent, you will have no problem selling it quickly :emoji_kissing_smiling_eyes:
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  5. many dealers will buy bikes if the price is low enough (like trade in price or lower)
    if that low price is worse than 1 years depreciation... keep it?
  6. Advertise it for auction on eBay Australia with a low(ish) starting price and an auction finish date a day or two before you're due to leave.

    NB this works MUCH better if you've got a reasonable amount of positive feedback (say 100+).

    I've sold multiple bikes on eBay over the years and have found it much quicker than Bikesales (but the sale prices are generally about 10% lower in my experience).

    On the plus side you don't face weeks of dealing with idiots and I've always managed to beat dealer trade in offers (my current feed back is 689 - 100% positive which isn't too bad for someone who doesn't use eBay as a business/hobby and that probably helps me get more buyers) :)
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  7. Yep, eBay has to be the way to go in your circumstance. I would set it up so that the auction ends 3 days before you fly out, to give the buyer the chance to pick it up. This means you will have to start the auction before you get here.
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  8. If using eBay, make sure you note In The listing the date by which you need it picked up.
    Often people from interstate etc will buy, and then need a week to come and get it or organise transport.
  9. NSW i know but, surely something similar local... like Peter $tevens? (or somewhere reputable)
    Sydney City Motorcycles

    you could always advertise it now...
    "want to sell my bike, but i'm overseas at the moment on an oil rig, send me your bank account details"
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  10. Send details to "Oil Rig 1, Prince of Nigeria, Nigeria, AFRICA :)
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  11. depends what it is, if the services have been performed, how much rego is left and how much you want for it - as damedidamedi said, sell it at a lower price to shift it fast or be prepared to hold out for a good price and run the risk of having it sitting there waiting for you when you come back next year when you will have to sell it cheaper again.
  12. I know there are places like "Cash for Motorcycles" that buy bikes without roadworthy or reg, they offer you much less than market value, but if you want to get rid of it quick, there's a good chance that they'll buy it.

    Another problem is if you need to get a roadworthy, that can take a little while too, depending on if there's a issue with the bike and somehow mechanics always like to tell you there is so they can charge another $80per hour.
  13. Mate pop the details, mileage, condition, year, price and pics up here and see if anybody bites.
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  14. Earlier this year I sold my NC700S in less than a week, listed on Bikesales. The price wasn't particularly low & I only listed it after I got the RWC - & hoped I wouldn't have to renew the RWC before selling.
    I think I was just lucky. It's not like people are clamouring for that type of bike.
  15. I've always found that stuff goes quick on Ebay. I've advertised things all over the place and not gotten a single phone call or message. Then I put them on Ebay and they're gone within days. Just a suggestion.
  16. Hello BoldorBear67BoldorBear67 , welcome to NR. If you have some time pop over to the Welcome Lounge and introduce yourself. There are heaps of great people on this site to meet up with and to join in rides.
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