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How do you remove scatches from plastic/lexican?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by kyo3email, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. Hi Fellas,

    I was wondering if i could get some help.
    Stupid me parked on a slop and popped the bike in neutral to warm the engine. I threw the leg over and took the weight off the side stand causing the bike to roll fwd. Really un-co. :roll:
    Anyways no scatches to the fairing for anything else on the bike but the screen ended up rubbing against a guard rail resulting in scratches. :(

    So i was wondering if anyone here has any tips on how to buff out of polish it up to either remove or minimise the appearance of scratches on plastic/lexicon. ????

    I'm guessing the old cut is polish is just going to make it worse. But i don't know that for a fact....
  2. There are a few cleaners on the market, they are a very mild abrasive in a liquid base.


    Some people also sue toothpaste which is basically the same thing, a mild gel based abrasive. And it makes your bike smell Minty fresh. :grin:

    Test it on an area it can't be seen first though.
  3. Thanks cjvfr

    Will go give the tooth paste right now. If nothing else out of plain interest! Just sounds like a cool idea!

    Cheers. Will tell ya how it goes...
  4. itll take a lot of buffing to get considerable scratches out of plastic.

    if they're deep you might want to consider sanding it first.

    some sort of process like this should do it:
    fine sandpaper,
    super fine sandpaper,
    polish till clear.
  5. I was using a microfiber cloth and didn't notice that somehow a small section of a pine neddle had got cought in the fiber. Its left fine scratches all over and some deeper ones. I used meguiars scratchx and then their wax product to fill the larger ones.. I couldn't recommend it more

  6. Bloody slops! :twisted:

    Yeah I have used toothpaste to get small scratches out of plastic hi fi lids in the past and it seems OK. Test in a small area first though as it is abrasive, which I guess is the whole point!
  7. matti-san

    :grin: lol . i agree the world was better flat than round :grin:

    I tried the tooth paste and it definately helped. Although it took quite a lot of work. But it does work! Thx for the suggestion. :grin:

    Some if the scratches are quite deep though... so i might have to try the meguiars wax stuff.
    btw drewzor which wax did you use??

    Thanks again for your help fellas!
  8. Why on earth would they do that? and how much for?
  9. Maguire's Scratch X

    Maguire's Scratch X.
    It's the shit!
    Just removed some annoying minor scratches from the tank. Wasn't sure if it was going to be too strong for plastics and such but I'll give it a go thanks to drewzor for the hint.
    I'm really impressed with this product- worked wonders.
    My advice- go to the effort of getting an applicator pad fro $4 bucks, put some scratch x on it and work it into scratched area. Don't be afraid to lay into it a bit.
    Buff clean with microfibre cloth, then I do a Motul Wash and Wax application to give it a bit of a protective coat (use another clean m/f cloth).
    Worse scratches require a second application before the wash and wax, but should come up magic in the end also.
  10. Anybody out there know of a way (other than sanding) to get deep scratches out of the fairing? Got a feeling toothpaste might not do the job :)

  11. Bog then sand.
  12. Re: Maguire's Scratch X

    also works on old visors
  13. Get a nice expensive can of Plexus.
  14. To get scratches out of paint You can use any number of compounds made for this purpose by mobs such as Maguires or Armourall or whoever... they all work the same... they're a polish/cutting compound that cuts back the clear coat around the scratch and evens everything up.

    To get a real deep scratch that has hit the plastic underneath you have no choice but to fill it in with bog, then sand it back with extremely fine sand paper to be even with the paint around it. but you'll also end up sanding the paint and end up having to respray the whole panel.

    Cutting compounds won't cut plastic. Only sand paper will. You can rub scratchX into plastic all day long and it won't do zip.
  15. Try Brasso, works well.

    Scratches = Character. You learn that when you get older ;)
  16. +1

    Do a web search on watch face scratches and Brasso.

    Actually 'MOTHERS' all metal poish does wonders on plastic, looks very shiny when you finish it. (found this out by accident, but more than pleased with the result, even removed solvent discolouration)