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How do you react post incident?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Jomac, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. Rear ended tonight while doing the madatory stop at a stop sign.
    It caused me to drop my bike and both the bike and I are a bit bruised.

    I've not been riding for long but have been driving for 27 years and have never had an accident before. What really has surprised me was the way I reacted since I am usually such an easy going person.

    I was up and in a storming rage, ranting and yelling at the woman driver about stop signs and three seconds rule, she was so frightened that she locked her doors.

    When I looked at her trembling, pale sad face I felt so sorry for her that I was aplogising to her. She eventually came and helped me pick up my bike and looked terrified about staying around while my husband came.

    Took a good 20 minutes for me to notice how bruised and swollen I am.

    Is this normal?
  2. Most definately :)
  3. what is normal?

    it's called adrenaline. that and your pride and joy just got knocked to the ground. good to hear you are relatively ok btw. i've only ever been involve with mutiple party accidents while riding the pushbike, thus im normally a fair bit shaken up/in shock. plus they tend to partly be my fault :LOL: (sensibly, but not legally my fault) so im not that angry. more so apologetic, even though after the accident and i've gone home, i realise im not in the wrong, and get angry haha.

    SMIDSY's are a pretty fair reason to get pissed off, IMO. dont beat yourself up about it, it's good you noticed what was going on, and regained control. definately worth letting them know their lack of sight is a concern though.

    make sure u get checked out if your bruised/sore, just in case. hope the bike isnt too bad, and i hope she had insurance for her sake.
  4. There is absolutely no point getting worked up. If it's happened, it's happend so deal with it calmly. Exchange details and get the bike fixed, that's life and being angry won't help. :)

    If the person that hit you is a **** about it, there's no point getting worked up about that either. Just calmly smack the **** in the mouth and resume reasonable discussions regarding their insurance. :)
  5. i would definitely NOT recommend following Seany's instructions, they are pointless and futile.

    You need to heatbutt them.. You're wearing a helmet and that would do far more damage I think. :LOL:
  6. In my two incidents I was just shocked and went blank.

    It took a while of just sitting around blankly before I realised what had really happened. No point in getting too worked up, but I can understand how that'd be an instinctive reaction.
  7. Is it normal? Yes. The driver could have killed you and you reacted accordingly.
  8. Oh, yeah, being shunted out and dropping within inches of peak traffic going 70kms plus 10 was definately a bit too close for comfort.

    The lady had asked me to phone her to let her know I got home ok.
    When I rang she was crying and could barely talk. Yet after my initial shock I'm fine, went riding on my other bike today.

    Loosing your cool is never good. Having experienced what I assume is the flight or fight syndrome to such an extreme I think I can be a whole lot more understanding for rages I've seen in others who have had accidents.
  9. That's probably it, right there. You've been lulled into a false sense of security by having avoided it for so long. When it finally happens, you are'nt prepared at all, and obviosly it comes as a bit of a shock to the system...especially when it such a stupid kind of accident...being rear-ended on a bike.

    Feel free to contact the woman again in a few days and let her know there is no harm done, that were just in shock and got a real fright and acted out of THAT....that it's not your normal behavior etc.
    She made a mistake...it caused an accident...but it's not the end of her or your world....that sort of thing.

    Oh...and btw...welcome to the world where the majority of us live...27 yrs is a bloody long time to avoided such things...well done. :)

  10. I think that sort of response could be expected, but as some have said, will certainly nto help anythign and I think that we should always try to avoid such a response in order to more effectively deal with the situation.

    Also, although I am not an insurance pro, my understanding is that is regarded as an absolute no-no to contact the other party under any circumstance.

    However if you are not claiming on insurance, well go for it - it would be a good thing to have enough empathy for how she is feeling to be able to swallow ur pride and put her at peace- well done! :)
  11. Don't forget to check your mirrors when stopped at traffic lights and stop signs!
    Not sure how I would have reacted as I've never been involved in a traffic accident in my life (*knocks wood) but I'm usually a happy kind of person so I don't think I would have reacted like that. Sounds like you gave the lady a fright :eek:
    As long as your not injured everything else can be fixed.
  12. Good job on the yelling, you should start using a chain to lockup your bike. Next time it happens you can head butt the glass out of the window and flail the person inside the car... I think i am starting to understand why my roommates think im strange :p
  13. As it turns out, I don't react at all. Last time I went down (lowside on wet road), I didn't even let go of the handlebars after hitting the ground. I just "sat" there on the bike sliding along the road at 50 kph and spinning at the same time, watching the world go round me in circles. Must have looked like figure skating from the side of the road :grin: After finally coming to a stop - no dramas - just picked up the bike, inspected it and went about my day.

    When there's other people involved - and particularly when it's their fault - things are a bit different though. It's quite natural to go into "rage mode", but if you feel bad after doing it once, chances are you won't do it again :)
  14. 6 months ago i was punted off by an idiot at a roundabout in templestowe. i had full leathers(just been for a sunday scratch) but i can remember that i was ok but the driver that hit me was in shock. :shock:
    I called 000 and was saying i've just come off the bike, i'm ok etc but the driver who hit me will need some assistance. i genuinely felt sorry for him. He was sitting in his car, crying and shaking and i'm trying to tel him chill out, relax, look no one was injured.
    the only reason I wasn't scared was cause it all happened in a nanosecond and there wasn't really time to react. :)
  15. lol mark, talk about reversing the roles :shock: :LOL: :?
  16. Hard to say how I would react, never having crashed a bike , but I beleive it would be somewhat similar to yours,I just hope I could show enough compassion as you did, Hat off to you Jomac. Good to hear your OK :grin:
  17. Many a decade ago I was happily riding home when a driver in the lane to my right decided turned left via the shortest route, which was through me. The car clipped me and sent me and the bike through a picket fence.

    I got off the bike, remained calm and asked the driver for his details, All was well till it was my turn. I just couldn't remember my address.

    Shock does weird things. And not necessarily the same things each time.

    Just to add to the story, the picket fence involved belonged to a hospital and the matron came out to inspect the damage. Instead of checking if I was OK, she abused me for wrecking the fence.
  18. Niice....
  19. Do you ride past every year on the anniversary and push the picket fence over again? :cool:
  20. Great story - maybe she was in post traumatic/shock rage because the fence was special to her.
    ... reminds me of my Nana screaming at my unconscious brother for messing up her floor while he was being carried inside with his head dripping blood after ramming into a wall.

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. If it happens again and I am alive/conscious, first thing I aim to do is to turn off the kill switch and check that everyone is ok.

    Police said they will likely press a charge of reckless driving on her. ALso turns out that my husband worked with her husband....small world.