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How do you rate Kevin Rudd?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by 2up, Apr 21, 2009.

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  6. I don't know why I voted for him

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  1. How would rate Kevin Rudd's performance so far?

  2. My opinion....he's yet to inspire me.
  3. Technically he's doing an ok job.

    He delivered on his promises for Kyoto and Work Choices.
    It's Australia's own fault it did sod-all homework and voted because they were stupid enough to swallow green-lobby and union propaganda and thought it was "time for a change".

    We didn't elect a Prime Minister, we just elected Somebody Else.
  4. He strikes me as anything but a strong leader who, try as I might, I just can't take seriously.

    Exceptionally well said.
  5. I've had a gutful of "strong leaders", I think I prefer to try a democracy for a while. Whatever it costs :wink:
  6. I believe he is a strong leader, I also commend him for coming through on a greater proportion of his promises than most Polies.
    That being said I’d still just call him average…
    Then again average is pretty damned good after the previous lying piece of Sh!t
  7. That's how I feel. He also did finally apologize to the stolen generations. But I am becoming increasingly worried that Conroy will spoil it all with his net censorship plan which could only have come from another planet. I am also not impressed by Rudd's stupid 'alcopop tax'. If you wanna raise taxes, raise them equally.

    I am very worried that Labour is too socially conservative, although certainly less so than the Liberals.

    I am hopeful that Rudd will deliver on his infrastructure promises. NBN, schools, roads, community housing and all that. Would like to see some more highway upgrades funded through this though.

    So, all in all, lets wait and see...
  8. On a personal level, i think he's a bit of a dick to be honest and I've got major problems with his social conservatism that has, on occasion, spilled into public life (eg Bill Henson comments, approval of net censorship).

    However, as a politician he's walloping the Opposition with a bloody big stick with nails in it, which I can't help enjoying, and he seems to be gaining Australia some respect overseas rather than slavishly licking arses.

    Current government style seems to be managerialist. When things are difficult, I think it's important that a leader and their government is seen to be dotting i's, crossing t's, working as a cohesive team and fulfilling thier promises. So far, it seems to be working, and I think Rudd is a sufficiently ruthless little bastard (and I do not mean that as, necessarily, a criticism) to keep it that way for quite a while.

    That's aside from the fact that, on a broader level, under this government, I feel much more confident that, should my own situation go pear shaped health or employmentwise, I and my family will be acceptably well looked after, and the fact that, in a few years time, my daughter might be able to afford some form of tertiary education.

    So I vote good but not great, although I could be persuaded in a few years time to upgrade if the broadband plan is pulled off successfully.
  9. Spare a thought for the 'stay-at-home' voters
    Their empty eyes stare at strange beauty shows
    And a parade of grey-suited grafters
    The choice of cancer, or polio

    Salt of the Earth

    Mick Jagger and Keith Richards
  10. I'm a bit wary of how hes spending the money. Seems to me its as much designed to make him popular as it is to help the country. I've got 2 teens who are going to benefit from the laptop to every child scheme but I think its a waste of money as I see them being paperweights before long. Is he going to upgrade these laptops every few years?
    As for the national optical to the home, it seems to me overkill as my current broadband is fine for all my needs. I'd rather he upgraded the international links to improve traffic beyond our borders as I (admittedly with little empirical data) believe that is where most of my network bottlenecks are occurring.
    The economic stimulus packages he's handing out make him feel like Santa Claus I'm sure, who wouldnt vote for Santa? They have even been called Ruddbucks, sheer marketing genius for promoting his image. A cynic would wonder whether it was started by one of his own people.
    As an ALP voter Im not very impressed with Rudd at all, watching Julia Gillard on the TV on the other hand I am curious as to how she would go at the reins.
  11. Geez Rod, you've got pc for nothin and now you want the govt to upgrade it for you??

    Why does he need to 'buy votes' now, he's got a massive lead in the polls over the Liberals and re-election isn't for another 2 years. Our broadband may be fine for your free pc, but businesses may have a problem given our speeds are antiquated compared to os, and we need infrastructure projects at the moment, not just bloody tax cuts!
  12. He's surprised me in some ways. Some good, some bad.

    The worst aspect of him is his petty and paranoid media management.
  13. this thread is going to end up as a mess, you heard it here first

    If you want to ARGUE, start another thread; surely the purpose here is JUST the poll??
  14. The laptop for every kid is not correct and was wrongly reported by the media.
    Every government school will be allocated funds to ensure that all students from year 9-12 will have access to a computer at a ratio of 1-1
    Laptops may be one of the ways of fulfilling the requirement.
    Computers are recycled every 3 years to ensure schools have the latest and greatest within budget the school does not BUY the computers outright but rather lease them.
    We are currently at this stage at our school.
    The government was never going to buy a computer for every teen and to think so is purely wrong.
  15. Thanks for clearing that up Smee :) I had no idea that was the case.
  16. a free pc is only useful while it can still run the software. My kids have needed the latest office suite for instance to do their assignments, is the free pc going to be up to spec for this? Is it going to come with any software at all? I run AV on my pc's at home at the moment and my home network is secure (so far touch wood), will the new pc's come with licensed AV that provides regular virus updates? When something goes wrong with the free pc who will provide support for it?
    Teachers I've spoken to are disappointed the same money he spends on this project is'nt going into basic stuff like classroom resources and even building maintenance that is often underfunded. If there werent better places to spend the money then of course I would be happy to take a free pc.

    I can only comment from my perspective on the national optical plan. It says fibre to the home and to be honest I dont need it, I dont even fully utilise my current speeds, they peak at around 10% of bandwidth capacity. As for businesses, I'm sure they would benefit from faster international links as well.

    I dont know why he would be buying votes now either but it looks like that is what he is doing to me - I'm not infallible but thats my opinion and its a poll so I gave it :)
  17. +1, unfortunately I already replied which is a bit irrelevant now.
  18. yeah -Cant say that I think he has done anything particularly amazing, but unlike the last PM's government, Team K-rudd hasn't done anything to make me extremely furious, such as

    work choices
    voluntary student unionism
    stripping education and health funding
    Iraq / Afghanistan
    Children overboard
    the refugee crisis
    Fridge magnets
    the joke of a citizenship test
    $20 tax handouts which would have cost more to administer than they were worth
    poor economic management during the biggest boom in Australia's history
    mastering media spin
    siding with the biggest jackass of a US president the world has ever seen and neglecting our own region of the world
    liberation of east timor [actually liberation of their gas reserves - thank god nautical boundaries can be modified with a little liberation]
    10 years behind in critical infrastructure

    Ha ha! on the way to 2 years on and I'm still bitter!

    He seems to be doing an OK job. Perhaps not the golden boy we expected, but far better to have a man like mild mannered K-rudd who delivers on at least some of his (admittedly ceremonial) promises than the great satan himself who caused this country a good deal of damage.

    But doubtless once the recession deepens, the Labour party will once again cop the blame for something over which they have very little control and the libs will get voted back in.
  19. I agree, but I fear that this has become a prominent feature of politics in this country over the last 10-15 years. Tit-for-tat media attacks.

    It is really quite shameful. Any time anyone says anything, the opposing party gets on the news and says "...blah blah economic management ... blah blah working families ... blah blah". Both parties are guilty of this sadly. I'd really love to see the major parties working together to solve australias problems (namely lack of decent sydney transport, lack of decent rail network, lack of decent internet infrastructure) rather than wasting millions of taxpayer dollars on petty squabbling.
  20. Really? why is that?

    Have a look at OpenOffice at openoffice.org

    It is FREE (open source software) and is compatible with the latest office suite files. Is practically identical to Office as far as layout and features go.