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How do you put a front drum brake back in?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by thecptn, Jan 11, 2009.

  1. Last two days I have been stumped, I did some maintance on a sr250, pulled the front drum off to greese things up, now when I put it back together, the front brake lever just sinks lifelessy to the handlebar, now I know the brake is not on right, I figured out that you have to put the arm on the brake cam lobe and pull it towards the cable so that the shoes are expanded, how ever, it just wont go on the cable, god damn it, please help, im stumped. I tried putting on the cable on the arm first, and then using a pliers to pull the cam to the right position and then putting on the arm on the lobe, how ever it keeps sliping and chewing up the teeth, so I stopped that, so I tried taking the wheel off and pulling the arm, thus expanding the shoes outside the wheel, problem is, it wont go back in the housing...arggg!

  2. The ends of the brake shoes should sit on the FLATS of the cam. Then as you turn the lever it EXPANDS the shoes to press against the inside of the brake drum. If this does not happen, there are 2 possible scenarios. 1 -the drum is worn oversize, past it's serviceable limit, or 2 -there is not enough lining left on the brake shoes -or both.
    Assemble the backing plate and shoes, slip it into the wheel, move the lever and see if it locks on the wheel. If the lever/cam assembly does 360's then one of those parts is f#cked
    I just re read your post and it's finally sunk in. Take the actuator arm off the spline, put everything together, attach the cable to the arm, back all the adjusters off -at the lever and the backing plate, and slide the arm back onto the spline in the postion that gives the least amount of slack in the cable.
  3. Ah cheers it's back on now, thanks! man I hate drums :LOL:
  4. Then play the Guitar.. :wink: :p :LOL: :LOL:
  5. Boom tish! :LOL: