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How do you push start a bike?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Sweeris, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. I am kinda curious on how to push start a bike. Im just thinking I might need to do it one day so its probably good to know b4 I really need to do it for real.

  2. I would like to know too :LOL: what happens if ya in the middle of nowhere stranded cause of a dead battery or broken started button or what eva is buggin the bike but can start when you give it a push start :?

    Thats gonna be hard if it happens lol

    Well i know if you asked someone to give ya a push it would work if there are people around :grin: * hopfully they dont roll you though haha :shock: *
  3. Put it in second or third, hold the clutch in, and run, pushing the bike. When you get to a decent speed, dump the clutch and jump on - hopefully, the bike will start.
  4. rolling down an incline helps.

    boy will you swear a number of times when you have to push it back up to try and try again :LOL:
  5. Jump on BEFORE dumping the clutch would be my recommendation - otherwise - what he said.
  6. +1 or you might end up tripping over the bike you've dropped in front of yourself. also if you break a clutch cable... put it in neutral, jump on and stomp that gear lever at a reasonable speed.
  7. I have an incline infront of my place. If does happen I know where to go.

    Another question. Why does the bike as to b in second or third not first? Since I was thinking if you put it in first gear it would make the engine spin abit faster(or is it too fast?).

    I just had another think it might b harder to push the bike on first gear.
  8. I think u'll probably b quite unlucky to have the clutch cable break on you when ur doing a push start :)
  9. i didnt mean breaking the clutch cable while trying to push start, i meant in general, if you break a clutch cable and need to get going, this is what you can do.

    the reason for 2nd or 3rd is that 1st gear is geared up to take a vehicle from a stationary position. 1st gear can be relatively jumpy. 2nd and 3rd gear are much happier cruising along. say you got a fair bit of speed up down a hill, and chucked it into first, if the engine and gearbox speeds don't meet up quite right you'll get a fair bit of engine compression and might lock up a wheel.

    *edit - note for above "i think". if i'm wrong or whatever don't hesitate to correct me.
  10. All of the above is correct, however, the REALLY important thing to remember is to have your ignition set to 'ON', otherwise it will just turn over, but never catch and start running, the same applies in cars. I found this out the hard (and stupid) way...


  11. double check your killswitch... i was trying to push start going down a hill, and realised what was going wrong...
  12. definitely not in first!!! I was there when my mate flipped his bike by doing it in first.

    I must admit though I've had some sweaty times clutch starting a bike, I never enjoyed it at the time but the exercise was good :grin:

  13. hahaah did the same thing too man.... lolz... never again... :LOL:
  14. I'd like to say never again.. but knowing me... :oops:
  15. Yep, that's it, my bad.
  16. Or you have a really shit bike :)
  17. The motor is unlikely to be spinning fast enough in first, and you'll probably also just lock up the back wheel. I use second or third and stand on the pegs, then drop my bum on the seat the same time as letting go of the clutch to put more weight on the back wheel.

    +1 on the kill switch. My last episode - I must have acidently hit the kill switch while washing my bike. When it would not start with the starter motor, I got some friends to push me up a hill a couple of times before I realized it was just the kill switch! Embarrassing!
  18. Umm, last time I checked, at the same movement speed, your engine will be spinning faster the lower the gear you are in.

    Also if your friends help you push it and junk, and it turns out to be something stupid like the kill switch, dont tell them, just get it goin and pretend you didnt mess up :D
  19. Yes, it will be. But the torque reaction, the engine braking and the risk of rear wheel lockup tell us that second gear is better.