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How do you pull (Members of the opposite sex, not yourself)

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Kamikaze_Kawasaki, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. Hah, 59%, looks like its Rosie Palm and her 5 eligible sisters.
  2. 81%, luckly the "pinch the girls arse" didn't get you dis qualified !!!

  3. Ha ha, I was trying to be as sleazy as I could and I rated 71% (Beer Monster)
  4. Strewth 59%,

    that's much better than when I was a teenager!! :p
  5. I got 73%: "All the gear, no idea"... Not too far from the truth I suppose :D
  6. 77% for belting my anger on my mate :p :LOL:
  7. 70% for me, probably because despite someones best efforts to make me lose a shirt that needs a volume control, I would have just found another...
  8. I tell you what, women out there are desperate. :LOL:

    I just tried the Batman option, pissed & drugged up, didn't change my stinky shirt, still got a 47% hit rate. :p :p
  9. hmmm 53%, all mouth and no trousers... i'm a loser :oops: hehe
  10. 75% :shock: It must be broken.

    I never do that well! :LOL:
  11. I guess I can be Wingman any day!
    85%, maybe I should take my own advice and actually pick up some day.
    "These are great - they're like sex, except I'm having them!"
  12. Yeah i went....well lol
  13. 57 % for me. Shy guy always in control...hmmmmmmmm.
  14. 77%
    Shy guy

    Always in control, and that often works out the best on a holiday night out, But stop playing it so safe! We know its not cool to get wasted, but you need to let down your hair and live a little! Perhaps a bit of dutch courage will give you that pep you need to go for it a bit more.
  15. I got 65%.

    So now to find out how a nearly 40yo female bike chick can do so well in real life :grin:
  16. 72%, If only I could get it to work it really life :( :( . (yes I did answer truefully)

    You know this topic could still be missinterpreted by females :wink:
  17. This thing is so accurate, I scored 48%. Shows how good i am, i say we should hold a Netrider group activity to teach losers like me the tricks of the trade.