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How do you pick the right size jacket?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by moog, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. I got a really cood cond second hand jacket with armour etc and it feels comfortable on, but would have room underneath it for a jumper probably.

    Is it true that the jackets are meant to be really tight?

    Because mine is reasonably loose - not much, but enough to move around on me fairly easily if I'm only wearing a t shirt underneath.

  2. Sounds about right. You gotta be comfortable right? I always go up one size for jackets and pants for the bike. Nothing worse than tight fitting gear when riding IMHO.
  3. If you can hold your arms out (like a tree) and turn your arms to either side and the jacket moves heaps, its too big.
    I've got 2 really expensive leather jackets in the wardrobe, but when I do that, the shoulders end up near my chin - they would probably slide off me if I hit the bitumen, except the helmet is bigger than the neck!
  4. I was in Peter Stevens in the City trying on a Stunt A* jacket and decided on one. Go to walk out and I get stopped by Holly (the woman with the worlds best, award winning arse ;) ) she asks me to try it on so she can see how it fits.
    I protest and tell her that it's perfect.
    She insists.
    I give in and try it on.
    She grabs the front of it and tugs on it, (no, the jacket you idiots!!) and says, sorry, thats way too big.
    Tell her that the other one was so tight that I had to suck the gut in to do it up.
    She said that, that is what you're supposed to do. It's supposed to be really really tight.
    Now that it has stretched a little I'm glad she stopped me.

    Did I mention she has the worlds best arse??

    Cheers Holly if you're reading this ;)
  5. LM (not world's best) AO!
  6. Pete, Carol and Vic are correct-o-mundo; if it's sloppy when you're riding, it's going to flap and flog you, and it's going to be places where it isn't going to protect you if you slide up the road.

    If it's an all-weather jacket (Moto-Dry, etc) you can go up one size to allow for a couple of layers of clothes underneath, but if it's leather, you want it snug, as described by Carol. If the weather is a bit chilly, there are plenty of thin-but-warm garments you can wear underneath.

    TIP: If you buy the jacket from a bike shop, ask if you can try it for feel sitting on one of their bikes :wink:.
  7. yeah, i have a similar problem. with the liner, my jacket fits perfect. lener removed, its a bit big! frustrating, as i dont want to have to buy another jacket. and i love the one i've got so very much!
  8. similar problem here rob. but I usually leave the liner out and take out the shitty piece of foam back padding and replace with back protector.
  9. The other option with leathers that are too large is to remove the inbuilt armour and wear an impact rig and knee cups/knee braces under them. Unless you're doing a million miles an hour, leather flapping on you won't be a problem, and the armour stays put in a crash because it's connected to you not the leather. More of a dedicated ride thing than an everyday thing though.
  10. 1. Sell it
    2. Give it away to someone who it will fit
    3. Keep as a spare for a pillion or friend in need
    4. Wear a gazillion underclothes to bulk yourself so it then fits firm
    5. Get it altered & custom fitted by a leather worker
    6. Add additional tie areas ie: waist and/or arms to customise fit
    7. Get something else
  11. I agree with all the above. A NEW leather jacket will actually stretch quite a bit. If you have bought a second hand jacket, there may not be as much stretch left in it!

    If you really like the jacket, another way to try to tighten it up is to get yourself a back-protector - that will use up some of the spare room in it!
  12. There's a good sizing guide on the Ducati website comparing your measurements to European sizing.
  13. 8. Get a Leather Vest that fits tightly over your Leather Jacket and keeps it snug.