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How do you Melbournians do it ???

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Mickyb V9, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. To those riders from Melbourne !

    How do guys handle tram lines ???

    Last night I made a turn over the one and only tram tracks in Sydney and I almost lost it ! - the ass end wobbled !

    Surely there is an art in negotiating these road hazards !!
    Are you all cautious of them ? or just take extra care ?

    . . .. the one and only tram tracks in Syd and I almost lost it !!
    Imagine if I was in Melbourne !! :eek:
  2. Carefully, at least when it's wet. Try to cut across them rather than run along them as much as possible. I've had the front start to step out for a moment on a few occasions. I do try to avoid roads with tram lines though, but mostly because you're either running between the tracks where it's really bumpy or you're next to cars pulling out or opening doors.
  3. The aim is to keep as much rubber on the road as possible; don't have both tyres on them at the same time; make the angle as short as possible (can't think of the correct term :oops: ); I always deal with one track and then the other...so deliberately over one, assess the next and then ride deliberately over that one.



    P.S. us Mexicans are WAAAAAY better at pretty much everything :wink: :p
  4. * Ride as upright as possible.
    * Avoid places where tracks cross each other
    * Cross the tracks as close to a right angle as possible
    * Maintain your speed & cross smoothly w/out braking/accelerating
    * If able to, complete any turn before reaching the tracks
    * Ride between them as much as possible
  5. I guess if your confronted with it daily you adjust your riding technique to suit.
  6. I hate them. I did most of my riding in Perth with big wide roads. Came to Melbourne and you've got narrow roads, heaps of traffic and those damn tram tracks. And half my commute is with tram tracks :roll:

    But you do get used to them. Pretty much do what everyone else has said. Can be fun dragging a boot along one when puttering along slowly in thick traffic though (well as much fun as traffic could be :LOL: )
  7. When it is dry I find that I lean accross them then pull the bike in under me. When it is wet, I am a little more cautios
  8. +1 and what MG said.
  9. you have to expect some movement as go over them and a WHOLE lot more when they are wet.
  10. +1, but only in the wet.

    In the dry, with big rears, they've never been an issue. I dont mind riding along ontop
    of em as the rear only slides to & fro a lil. No big deal.
  11. The trick to riding over dry tram tracks is very easy. You turn the handle bars slightly so the wheel crosses over them in a controlled course if your riding parallel to them. If you ride over them you make as much as a right angle going over them as possible this dramatically minimises the tendancy of the wheel to be guided into the channel of the track. You simply dont drift across otherwise you will experience a wobble as the wheel is guided along the groove/channel.

    Once you got the hang of it tram tracks are alot of fun travelling along or going over them as long as the bike is upright heading straight.

    In the wet they make me nervous and I keep well away from them. If required to go over them in the wet I go ever so slow. I dont care if I hold up traffic a bit doing so and never lean the bike in a corner going over them or use to much power if there wet.
  12. we are just far, far cooler than you. :cool:

    my tip? dont suddenly brake or accelerate over them in the wet! ive seen plenty of scooters go down doing that :(
  13. Im so scared of tram tracks. This thread was very helpful. I usually take the longer way to avoid tram tracks, but hey...I always take the longer way home or to my destination, lol.
  14. Says you on an R6, try being on a older 250 with skinny little tyres...... you can just about get stuck in the damn tracks. :p
  15. that's about all u need to worry about really. just dont sit on them in the wet....... they can come in handy too. If you have to turn right from a lane that has a tram line turning with you, you make sure you stay on the one line through the corner :)
  16. Yup, I've been riding for a few months, and have had to contend with tram tracks right from day one.
  17. I hate tram tracks and I'd love to avoid them... except I live right in the CBD so I have to deal with them EVERY time I go ANYWHERE!!! The worst is when going through an intersection where the tram tracks also turn... I find it really hard to try to cross them at a right angle then... I tend to take things very, very slow when there's tram tracks around!!
  18. This is from a dirt bike background dealing with ruts, etc. but I would think its relatively appropriate.....

    - Always look where you want to go, DO NOT look at the tracks (ruts).
    - Use steady throttle. Reducing throttle will tend to cause a reduction in balance as you lose momentum.
    - Focus on control of the front wheel, the back wheel will tend to look after itself as it has to follow the front wheel more or less. Get your weight over the front of the bike as much as possible.