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how do you maintain balance

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by abvc, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. whether it be when turning, standing, running, how do you maintain balance not to fall? do you actually consciously think on keeping the balance up?

  2. There are little hairs inside your middle ear that can read changes in the direction of flow of the fluid in your middle ear. They tell your brain which direction you are moving in and you subconsciously adjust to compensate.
  3. Not subconsciously, but unconsciously.

    Why are you asking abvc?
  4. Visual clues also play a big part of maintaining your balance.
  5. I've got one of these blue tac'd to my speedo.


    I just stare at it when ever I go around corners and try to keep the bubble in the middle. I ride pretty slowly.

  6. The expense involved with dropping a bike is more than enough to keep me upright.
  7. Keeping balance is in part an involuntary action. As VTRAffair explained, your ears can detect the angles at which you are standing. Your brain interprets this information and will take corrective action if needed.

    Relating to what you should do in order to maintain your balance whilst riding your motorbike, you should keep your eyes high. Don't look at the ground. Look at something distant that isnt moving. The horizon works if you can see it, but houses will work fine. Grip the bike with your knees on the tank. Engage your core muscles to keep yourself steady, but relax your arms.

    Not intending to be condescending if you already knew all this, but your question was a little vague.
  8. i think keeping the balance up is important and the holy grail of riding. it is about knowing how actually each balance it up on different occasions, whether it be consciously,subs,un, as well what thought came into mind on those occasions.
  9. Training wheels.(y)
  10. The fluid in your ear has a certain amount of friction with the cavity it's contained in.

    So, when you spin around and around and around and then stop, you feel like you are still spinning when you are not. The reason for this is the fuild in your ear has adjusted to your body spinning around in circles, when you stop, the fluid keeps spinning.

    Here's a tip not many people know: to correct this feeling or "re-calibrate" yourself, jump up very high and when you land stamp / slam your feet into the ground so you send a shockwave through your body. Stops the fluid movement fairly well.
  11. 'Scalled a sidecar. Thar fun :D.
  12. [​IMG]
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  14. :? Anyone speak abvc-lish?
  15. I can maintain balance while patting truck.
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    I use my knees and elbows like this [media=youtube]aeUK6aOEJKo[/media]

    anyone know what bikes they are riding?

    I spin once the other way. Pretty much works every time. For cases of extreme dizzyness, I do two spins the other way.
  17. Invisible zombies run along beside you and hold you up. (y) I thought this was established and proven last time we had this discussion on the forum.:-s
  18. On a bicycle the momentum of the wheel are what help you stay upright. To prove it, try turning the handlebars with the front wheel raised of the ground with the wheel not moving, and the compare it to when it's spinning. This doesn't work as well on a motorcycle because of the weight of the engine, so it's the momentum of the cylinders that achieve the same thing. That's why you should use high revs + riding the clutch + rear brake at low speeds.
  19. don't look at the road, keep your eyes up

    *incoming prize for 1st cereal response*
  20. Not quite right on a few levels... but definitely feather the clutch, use revs and drag rear for slow manoeverings.